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Abilene Christian College Bible Lectures for 1924-1925 2020-11-13
Lectures by Gospel Preachers at the Abilene Christian College Lectures for 1924-1925

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Bible Sermons and Lectures from the Abilene Christian College Bible Lectureship for 1924-1925. Please note that the last few Sermons in the list below are by John T. Hinds who wrote one of the greatest commentaries ever on the Book of Revelation, which is/was part of the Gospel Advocate New Testament Commentaries.

This collection of Sermons is on the subject "Christian Workers In The Kingdom."

Here is a list of the Sermons in the 1924-1925 Lectureship:

1. "The Work of Abilene Christian College" by Batsell Baxter
2."What Is Man?" by W. P. Skaggs
3."God’s Love for the World" by S. E. Templeton
4."The Man of Galilee" by Elmer Lee Nichols
5."Peter Before and After Pentecost" by John C. Taylor
6."The Indestructible' Vitality of the Bible" by W. M. Davis
7."The Grandeur of the Church"by W. D. Black
8."The Great Invitation" by A. E. Walker
9."Exalting the Church" by M. C. Cuthbertson
10."Christian Science or the Science of Christianity" by Judge R. O. Kenley.
11."The Church of Tomorrow" by Wilbur P. White.
12."God Is Love" by E. W. McMillan
13."Universal Nature of Christianity" by John T. Hinds
14."Workmen Approved of God" by John T. Hinds
15."Christ Before the Cross" by John T. Hinds
16. "Christ in His Kingdom" by John T. Hinds
17. "The Christian Warfare" by John T. Hinds
18. "Coming to God" by John T. Hinds

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