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Abilene Christian College Lectures for 1926-1927 2020-11-13
Abilene Christian College Lectures by Gospel Preachers for 1926-1927

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Series of Gospel Sermons on the Indwelling Christ and the church for the years 1926-1927
These Sermons/Lectures spoken at the ACC Auditorium at Abilene Christian College.

These sermons include the following Topics:

1. "The Indwelling Christ" by H. L. Calhoun
2. "AMuch Neglected Command" by H. L. Calhoun
3. "The Five Great Duties of a Christian Life" by H. L.Calhoun
4. "Progress in Religion" by H. L. Calhoun
5. "What Jesus Christ May Be to a Human Soul" by H. L.Calhoun
6. "Sovereignty of Christ" by S. P. Pittman
7. "The Three Witnesses" by W. D. Campbell
8. "Theory vs. Practice" by Carl L. Etter
9. "The Church" by Foy E. Wallace Sr
10. "Plea and Principles of Disciples" by C. M.Stubblefield
11. "Standing by the Cross" by U. R. Forrest
12. "The Pulpit of Power is the Pulpit of the Gospel" by L. S.White
13. "Home Missionary Work" by C. A. Buchanan
14. "Music in the Church" by E. M. Borden
15. "The Divine Nature" by John T. Smithson
16. "Putting God First" by W. A. Kercheville
17. "We Are Here, Why?" by G. F. Mickey
18. "The Bible and Science" by W. L. Oliphant
19. "The Prayer of Jabez" by W. Don Hockaday
20. "What Do Ye More Than Others?" by J. D. Harvey
21. "From Creeds To Christ"by R. R. Brooks
22. "Christ,Our Unique Sacrifice" by Roy Lanier
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