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Abilene Christian College Lectures of 1919 2020-11-12
Lectures by Gospel Preachers at the Abilene Christian College Lectures in 1919

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These are the Abilene Christian College Lectures preached at ACC in 1919.
These Sermons/Lectures for 1919 include the following Topics:

1. A Great Door Is Opened -- By Geo. A. Klingman
2. The Preacher: His Task and Opportunity -- By Henry Eli Speck
3. The Verbal Inspiration of the Bible -- By Maurice D. Gano
4. The World As The Subject of Redemption -- By Arthur R. Holton
5. Our Educational Program -- By J. U. Yarbrough
6. The Well-Armoured man -- By Cled E. Wallace
7. The Religion For Today -- By F. L. Rowe
8. Why Study The Bible? -- By G. Dallas Smith
9. How To Study The Bible -- By G. Dallas Smith
10. Some Present-Day Perils and Problems -- By F. L. Young
11. Churches of Christ in the British Isles -- By John Stratton
12. God Revealed -- By G. H. P. Showalter
13. Missions -- By F. B. Shepherd
14. Who Wrote The Bible? -- By G. Dallas Smith
15. Christian Education -- By Batsell Baxter
16. Mysteries of the Bible -- By G. Dallas Smith
17. Divisions of the Bible -- By G. Dallas Smith
18. Destructive Criticism -- By G. A. Klingman
19. Christian Education -- By Henry Eli Speck

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