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Abilene Christian College Lectures of 1922-1923 2020-11-12
Sermons and Lectures by Gospel Preachers at the Abilene Christian Lectures of 1922-1923

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The Subject of this Book Is: "Christ, Christianity, and the Church" This Book of Sermons and Lectures is from the Abilene Christian College Lectures of 1922-1923. These sermons are by some of the greats of the American Restoration Movement. This collection of sermons features the following topics:

1. The Religion of the Man of Uz - R.D. Smith
2. Room for the King - Lu 2:7 - A.B. Barrett
3. The Sweet Hour of Prayer - A.B. Barrett
4. When Which is Perfect is Come - George A. Klingman
5. Lasting Memorials - Thos E. Milholland
6. The Perils of the Child - James F. Cox
7. When Weighed In The Balance, Are We Found Wanting? - J.N. Armstrong
8. The Advantage of the Jews - John T. Smith
9. Effective Missionary Work - C.J. Robinson
10. Paul's Conversion and Apostleship - T.M. Carney
11. Our Measure of Responsibilities - Ira Lee Winterrowd
12. Treasure In Earthen Vessels - Truman H. Etheridge
13. Undenominational Christianity - J. P. Sewell
14. Biblical Journalism - G. H. P. Showalter
15. Character Building - W. F. Ledlow
16. The Personal Element - F. L. Rowe
17. The Book of the Past, Present and Future - W. D. Campbell
18. The Church That Was Built By Jesus The Christ - F. L. Rowe
19. Today's New Testament Message To Mankind - W. D. Campbell
20. The Gospel--The Power of God Unto Salvation - W. D. Campbell
21. The More Excellent Way - W. D. Campbell
22. Conversion To God - W. D. Campbell
23. The Christ of Calvary - E. W. McMillan
24. The Church of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Carl L. Etter
25. Of All That Jesus Began, Both To Do and Teach - W. L. Swinney
26. Following A Worthy Example - W. D. Bills
27. A Vital Factor - F. B. Shepherd
28. The Authority of Jesus Christ - James F. Cox
29. Knowledge Gained by Trial and Experience - J. S. Durst
30. Christianity: The Revelation of Jesus Christ - Oscar Smith
31. Instrumental Music in Christian Worship - A. O. Colley

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