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Ablilene Christian College Bible Lectures for the year 1934 2020-11-15
Sermons and Lectures by Gospel Preachers at the Abilene Christian Lectures of 1934

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This is the collection of Sermons and Lectures from the Abilene Christian Bible Lectures for 1934.
Below, you will find the list of Sermons from this Lectureship. The Topics are centered upon the Title
of "The New Testament Church In History." The topics include the following:

1. The New Testament Church in Apostolic Times by J. P. Crenshaw
2. The Church in The Ante-Nicene Period by Homer Hailey
3. The Church in Conflict With Pagan Philosophy by John T. Smith
4. The Church and a Clerical Hierarchy by John T. Smith
5. The Church During the Dark Ages by A. O. Colley
6. The Protestant Reformation and the Church by E. W.McMillan
7. The Church and Protestantism by A. Hugh Clark
8. The Church and Denominationalism by A. Hugh Clark
9. TheChurch and Sectarianism by G. C. Brewer
10. TheModern Schism in the Church by G. C. Brewer
11. A Plea for Unity by G. C. Brewer
12. Ideals and Purposes of Abilene Christian College by James F.Cox
13. How Abilene Christian College Realizes Its Ideals by Dr. Walter H.Adams
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