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Anthology of Allen’s Works 2
The Revelation, Last Days, 1 Peter, Jude, imago dei, women, marriage, false teachers, hermeneutics

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Anthology of Allen’s Works (Revised Edition)
By Desmond Allen, Ph.D., M.Div.
A graduate of Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Ordained to the ministry in 1982 with a traditional, evangelical, pre-millennial theological perspective.

I have uploaded these works (listed below, to which I hold all copyrights) to Sword Searcher, to make them available for free download to all Sword Searcher members.
Desmond Allen. Opelika, AL, July 2021

1. THE APOCALYPSE – The Wise Shall Understand
By Desmond Allen, Copyright © 2004 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications
First Printed under the title, The Revelation – A Blessing Penned for our Time

2. Beware of the Narcissist – A Commentary of the Epistle of Jude
By Desmond Allen, Copyright © 2018 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications

3. The Life of Spiritual Sacrifice - Practical Commentary on the Epistle of First Peter
By Desmond Allen, Copyright © 2017 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications

4. The Last Days - Signs of The Times and Christ’s Soon Return
By Desmond Allen, Copyright © 2021 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications

5. To Determine the Author’s Intent – The Theologian’s Approach
By Desmond Allen, Copyright © 2012 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications

6. What Paul Might Say Today - Critiques in the Practical Theology of 21st Century Western Christendom
By Desmond Allen Copyright © 2012 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications

7. Women, The Neglected Glory of Man - Male and Female Created He Them
By Desmond Allen, Copyright © 2013 Desmond Allen, LaRue Publications