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Bible and Sermon Charts on the New Testament Church 1.5
The Church

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This ZIP file now includes Version 1.5 of this SwordSearcher Book.
This book includes 70+ color Bible Charts.
Includes all the appropriate SwordSearcher "Hotspots" for all the
Scripture References in each Colorful Reference Chart. The Graphics
can also be displayed on overhead projectors and/or used in
Presentation displays on you PC.
Version 1.2 of the Book "Bible and Sermon Charts on the New Testament Church"
now includes a total of 40 Colorful Bible and Sermon Charts on the Church.
Here are the New Charts added on 11/07/20:

31-Four Things Necessary To Constitute A Kingdom
32-God's Plan For Giving
33-Great Needs of the Church
34-Great Statements About The Church
35-Great Statements of the Restoration Movement
36-Helps For Worship
37-Hindrances To Acceptable Prayer
38-How Important Is The Lord's Church In Your Life?
39-How Many Churches Are There?

40-How The Church Worships

Please note that any and/or all of the 40 Charts now contain the appropriate SwordSearcher
"Hotspots" for each of the Scripture References in all of the 40 Charts.
Just hold your cursor
over each reference and of course, the Scripture Link will "Pop-up" There are at least 100 Charts
or more, so check back for the next update.

This update includes a correction to one of the Charts.
Somehow, I managed to delete the HMTL Code for the Chart,
and I have uploaded this ZIP file which includes the correction
for the Chart "A Sound Church"
This update to Version 1.1 uploaded to Correct some errors in one of the Charts.
Charts look fine, but somehow I managed to delete the HTML Code on the Chart "A
Sound Church" Everything else is the same. This update corrects the one chart and
now includes all the SwordSearcher "Hotspots" and/or "Links" for each of the Scripture
References on each of the Bible Charts. Sorry for any inconvenience.....

This is an update to Version 1.0 which was released just a few days ago.
Still has the original 30 Bible Charts, but now has all the "Pop-up" SwordSearcher
references in all the charts that have Scripture References in these Color Charts.
Just like in other books in SwordSearcher, hold your cursor over any of the Scripture
References in any of these Color Charts about the Church, and the Bible Text for that
References will automatically "Pop-up"

Please let me know if you have any issues with any charts. They all seemed to work
just fine on my Windows 10 PC. Soon as I get the chance this weekend, I will begin
adding more Bible Charts to this collection. There will be a total of approx. 100 Charts
all together.