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Grandmother's Bible 2016-12-17
Tracts found in Grandmother's Bible

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These are precious, especially knowing they came from a Godly Grandma's Bible. Yesterday would have been my grandma's 100th Birthday. We lost her earlier this year. I have been given a Bible that was hers as well as my other Grandma's who passed many years ago. It is such a blessing to go through those Bibles and find treasures like you found. Praise God for Godly, praying Grandmas. All my Grandparents have graduated to the next life. Thank you so much for sharing these. They are wonderful and inspiring. God bless you!
Thank you! I agree that it's a real blessing to go through the old, marked up Bibles. After your comments, I looked at this module again - my favorite entry in the module is "The Jesus Bell." On my computer it didn't line up right, so I looked in other modules and found a snippet of code that will fix it. So, if the Jesus Bell doesn't look much like a bell on your computer, you can open it in the editor and go into Code mode, then under the <BODY> tag, add this (please note - the < > symbols are part of the code and have to be included):

<DIV class=Section1 style="FONT-SIZE: medium; line-height: 10pt">