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New Testament Holiness - (c)1903 by Thomas Cook 2021-01-09
The Book about New Testament Holiness and Sanctification by Thomas Cook

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This is the Book "New Testament Holiness" by British Author Thomas Cook. It is copyright 1903. This 220 page book contains Twenty-Five (25) Chapters, which are listed below this description...

Thomas Cook1 was born in the iron-foundry city of Middlesbrough, England on August 20, 1859. His father seems to have been indifferent to spiritual things for much of his life, but his mother was a godly, praying Methodist woman. Thomas made a commitment to follow Jesus in 1875 at age sixteen. His conversion was quiet and unremarkable from outward appearances; but the reality of Christ’s saving work made such an impression on the teenager that he and a friend were soon of their own volition preaching on street corners to all who would hear about their life-giving Saviour.

Evangelist Thomas Cook at age 17, shortly after his conversion to Christ.

The new convert
Such were the changes of his life, the influence of the young man’s preaching, and the fruit of the Spirit in his life that he was made a Methodist lay circuit preacher by age eighteen. His earnest, loving, Spirit-inspired, and passionate (not to say bombastic; he was British, after all, and of the Victorian era at that!) preaching and plain speaking moved the hearts of men and women of all social strata wherever he went. His ministry was much in demand, not only in his own denomination, but also among the Primitive Methodists, the Wesleyan Reformers, and the Salvation Army. In his twenty-second year alone, over 5,000 conversions were recorded!

Cook’s ministry grew in depth and fruitfulness, and God opened up doors for him to minister—sometimes for more than a year at a time—in Norway and in spiritually hungry, far-flung corners of the Empire like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). God always did far more through Cook than his hosts ever believed possible.

Thomas Cook, age 19, in his days as a young Methodist circuit preacher.

Circuit preacher
Age 19
Cook had no post-secondary education, so it was with some surprise in his denomination that he was called upon to become the first principal of a newly-instituted evangelical school for the training of lay ministers. How would “a mere evangelist” succeed in launching and managing this new ministry of Cliff College in Calver (near Sheffield), England? Very well, thank you very much! The same Lord Whom he had passionately served in his Gospel-preaching ministry was honored by Cook’s devotion and fruitfulness in his new post. Starting in 1903, he served the school faithfully and ably until his death in 1913. (Cliff College celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2003. More information on the school can be found here. This author had the privilege to attend a summer Bible conference held on the campus of Cliff College back in 1983.)

Here is a list of the Twenty-Five Original Chapters from the 1903 Edition.....
Chapter One - Blameless, Not Faultless
Chapter Two - Holiness and Temptation
Chapter Three - Sin Not a Necessity
Chapter Four - The Double Need and the Double Cure
Chapter Five - The New Birth and Entire Sanctification
Chapter Six - Purity and Maturity
Chapter Seven - The Present Tense of Cleansing
Chapter Eight - A God-Possessed Soul
Chapter Nine - Perfect Love
Chapter Ten - Evangelical Perfection
Chapter Eleven - The Fullness of the Spirit
Chapter Twelve - A Living Sacrifice
Chapter Thirteen - Walking With God
Chapter Fourteen - Beulah Land
Chapter Fifteen - Soul Rest
Chapter Sixteen - Christ's Legacy to the Church
Chapter Seventeen - Joy in the Holy Ghost
Chapter Eighteen - Power For Service
Chapter Nineteen - Vessels Unto Honour
Chapter Twenty - Consecration
Chapter Twenty One - Sanctifying Faith
Chapter Twenty Two - Address to Seekers
Chapter Twenty Three - How To Retain the Blessing
Chapter Twenty Four - The Arbiter of the Heart
Chapter Twenty Five - Testimony

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