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Red Letter Questions (RLQ) 1.1
Summary and categorization of questions that Jesus asked in book format

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What does the Bible say about questions? 2Ti 2:23; Tit 3:9 Avoid foolish and unlearned questions, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law knowing that they do gender strife, and are unprofitable and vain.

Jesus asked many questions. Why? Did He want to know something? He asked them to provoke thought, to get a response, and to teach. What was Jesus asking? In the red letters, there are 297 question marks. The questions fall into broad categories:

• Faith, Worry, Fear, and Doubt
• Judgment and Hypocrisy
• Prayer
• The Heart of Man
• Sadness and Suffering
• Persecution
• Prophecy
• Scripture
• Discipleship
• Salvation
• Deity of Christ

Try answering them yourself in a larger context.

(Note: This is a book. The QJA module is a commentary - See Questions Jesus Asked | SwordSearcher Bible Software Forums)
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