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The Holy Spirit by V. E. Howard 2020-11-17
Book of Radio Sermons on the Holy Spirit - by V. E. Howard ((1911-2000)

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The author and preacher of this collection of sermons on the Holy Spirit is V.E. Howard (1911-2000).
V.E. Howard was known for his establishing the "International Gospel Hour" As a internationally known
evangelist, Howard was a pioneer in radio broadcasting. He preached continuously on the radio for 46 years. He was the founder of the International Gospel Hour broadcast that continues to this day. He conducted gospel meetings in twenty different states of the Union, and baptized more than 8000 people in his lifetime. He authored thirteen books and over fifty tracts.

This collection of sermons is from V.E. Howard's radio ministry. The topic of these Sermons is listed below:

1. The Person of The Holy Spirit
2.The Holy Spirit and the Word
3.The Holy Spirit in Conversion--No. 1
4.The Holy Spirit in Conversion--No. 2
5.The Baptism of The Holy Spirit
6.Gifts of The Holy Spirit
7.Gifts of The Holy Spirit and Cornelius
8.Miracles and Healing by Power of the Holy Spirit--No. 1
9.Miracles and Healing by Power of the Holy Spirit--No. 2
10.Miracles and Healing by Power of the Holy Spirit--No. 3
11.Miracles and Healing by Power of the Holy Spirit--No. 4
12.Miracle of Speaking in Tongues
13.Tongues:Spoken to God or Man?
14.SinAgainst the Holy Spirit
15.Witnessof the Holy Spirit
16.IndwellingHoly Spirit as a Gift

I have been preaching for 40 yrs and distinctly remember as a child hearing V.E. Howard preach some of these sermons on the radio back in the 1960's.... They're good and they're scriptural...

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