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    My question is I use Logos since Wordsearch got bought up but am interested in thoughts on this program for possible purchase thank you

    I have both SS and Logos and have used both for at least five years. They are both good programs. I agree that Logos includes tons of books that I do not use. It seems to me that Logos is oriented around what others say about the Bible while SS is oriented around the Bible. I prefer the latter...
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    Forum upgrade

    I went to the modules page to see what was available. Things went smoothly until I got to page ten moving to a new page required at least a minute's wait until I got on page 14. The last two pages loaded quickly. John
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    Duplicate Strong's Numbers

    I have noticed that the KJV module sometimes has duplicate Strong's numbers back to back. In the OT, this seems to be done for emphasis and is in the Hebrew. However, I am unable to discover why this would be done in the NT. I do not see these duplicates in the Greek text. Here is a list of...
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    Module Downloader

    I would like to see a module down loader that would: 1. Keep track of the user's installed modules and let them know what other free or for pay modules are available. 2. Allow the user to mark the modules they wish to download 3. Would download and install the selected modules in SS. John
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    Included Hurlbut's Maps [Deluxe]

    Brandon, I was just looking at my copy of SS and don't see this resource. If it hasn't been discontinued, how do I get it? John