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    How to load deluxe module after-the-fact?

    I can't seem to find an answer to this, so it must be so easy I can't figure it out! :) How do I load/install a deluxe module that I didn't initially install with the software? I'm able to download and install user modules but can't seem to find how to add deluxe modules after-the-fact. Thanks!
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    Possible size adjustments needed (?)

    I have been going through all the settings in the eval version of SwordSearcher, and I've been able to adjust just about everything pretty well for use on a TV screen 7 feet away (yes, that's actually how I use my PC :) ). However, there are a few size adjustments that could be added. In the...
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    Evaluating ... Commentary Question

    Hello SwordSearcher Users (and Brandon), I'm new to SwordSearcher and will likely purchase the Deluxe version. But I have a quick question before I do about commentaries ... Is it better to have one large commentary for notes, or to break it up into multiples? Is there a size limit where it's...