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  1. Regie

    Broken lines?

    When we have a document we copy and place into a SwordSearcher module and the document consists of tons and tons of broken lines, what is an easy and possibly an effective way of removing those line breaks? Doing the format option in the edit mode did not do it for me and I have ended up going...
  2. Regie

    Poor text search results

    I have the following in a SwordSearcher module entry: Pr 30:15,18,21,29 I can do a search in that module for Proverbs 30:15 and it will find it. However, if I search for Proverbs 30:18, it will not find it. Am I right that it should find it? I am pretty sure it used to. Do you think...
  3. Regie

    Inserting rows after you have created a table

    Is there a method of either adding multiple rows after you have created a table or perhaps a way to record the steps via a shortcut? Going to edit, table and insert a row is slow. Thanks, Regie
  4. Regie

    The word "if" after a bible verse

    Has anyone here ever worked on a module and you found in the text from which you are copying: " final judgment (Re 14:14 if.)" I don't think it is a misprint for someone meaning Re 14:14ff but I sure am curious as to what in the world it could mean. Anyone know or got any ideas? Thanks, Regie
  5. Regie

    Where to download purchased modules

    My friend already has SwordSearcher latest. In putting it on his new computer, he downloaded the program but now he cannot get all the modules he owns. How does he go about getting them for his full version? He has entered his serial number for it but is unable to get his purchased modules.
  6. Regie

    Roman Numerals conversions?

    Does anyone know of an easy way to convert Roman numerals to Arabic in SwordSearcher? It is tedious and demands extreme caution, but the only way I have been able to do it is find and replace in MS Word. Brandon, it sure would be great if a feature for that would be included in the next...
  7. Regie

    Using WordPerfect with Forge

    With WordPerfect, I have been able to convert the ending paragraph marker into </p> and then create a new module via Forge. Has anyone else ever used that method? I thought it saved me a ton of time. Regie
  8. Regie

    Table backgrounds

    I have created some tables for an index to a work I am now doing. For some reason I do not understand, in some parts of the table(s) it has a yellow background color. How do you edit the background colors in tables? I might like colored backgrounds, but I want to choose my own color. :)
  9. Regie

    Sometimes will not scroll in edit mode

    The only way I have discovered to get it back to scrolling is to take the program down and call it back up again. Does anyone or Brandon know what might be causing that? I sort of expect it is a problem with my computer and I really need to reboot the thing, but I hate doing that. Any help...
  10. Regie

    Module does not appear in folder

    What could be wrong when the module appears and is ok in my SwordSearcher program, but the module will not show up in the module folder on my computer? I renamed it and still no show. I exported it for Forge and then brought it back into the program - still no show in folder. Thanks, Regie
  11. Regie

    Pop-up footnotes?

    If I have ever done this before, I do not remember it, but is there a way when creating a module to make footnotes pop-up when scrolled on or if clicked upon to open in a new window? I will appreciate any input on this. Regie
  12. Regie

    Stand-up scanners

    I have been using a Czur Shine 500 scanner now for a few days and have had to rip apart a book in order to get a good result. Scanning is faster than my old flatbed scanner. However, I am considering a couple of scanners with the auto flatten and deskew capabilities, such as: Czur Shine or...
  13. Regie

    SwordSearcher work in Philippines?

    This might be a stupid question but a friend may buy SS if it will work well in the Philippines. Thanks much, Regie
  14. Regie

    Hot key for Format, Style and Format Cleaner

    Brandon, Could (or is there now and I don't know it) a hotkey set up for formatting each new entry with all the formatting options that a person chooses for that hotkey? And, if a person wanted a different type format in other cases, a separate hotkey for that choice? Thanks, Regie
  15. Regie

    Re-formatting a whole module

    Is there a way to format a complete module without having to do it an entry at a time by using "Edit/Format/Style and Format Cleaner" Thanks.
  16. Regie

    User-submitted The Atonement by Israel Atkinson

    Regie submitted a new module: The Atonement by Israel Atkinson - Exposition and defense of the atonement Read more about this module...
  17. Regie

    User-submitted Spurgeon's Expository Notes

    Regie submitted a new module: Spurgeon's Expository Notes - Comments taken from sermons of C. H. Spurgeon Read more about this module...
  18. Regie

    Spurgeons Expository Notes (finished)

    Although it is not perfect and I did a lot of corrections in it and got it down to 4 modules in SwordSearcher, I am ready to share it with anyone who wants it. Maybe MarkO (or whatever his name is) will take it now and soup it up and make it look good. Some of the comments on some texts were...
  19. Regie

    Copy and paste and mouse-over problems in edit mode

    I am trying to make multiple copy and paste of Jer 9: in edit mode. It will not highlight it so I can copy and paste it. It will highlight it in other than edit mode though. So I can highlight and copy from it over to the edit mode, but the next problem will be highlighting and copy and...
  20. Regie

    Multiple entries for the same verse problem when trying to use Forge

    My present work on Spurgeon's Expository Notes would have gone much faster and smoother, but the same verse being used over and over and over again caused all kinds of headaches and I had to give up on that idea. However, does anyone know of a way to work around that problem using Forge...