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  1. ishaknatan

    The Outlined Bible by Robert Lee

    Do we have in the module repository? I think it is in the public domain for free down load . . .
  2. ishaknatan

    Ruth Paxson: Life on the Highest Plane

    I could not find it . . . ?
  3. ishaknatan

    Is it already available in SS 7.1?

    Hi Brandon, For example if I use it with a projector to a big screen on the wall, I would like to see, say module 1on1 or a picture/ a chart to occupy the whole screen, without the SS toolbar, the tabs bar etc? It is like if you see YOU tube, you can make it small or occupy the whole screen...
  4. ishaknatan

    1 on 1 & Big Picture of Old and New Testament

    Hi Bill, Have you updated the above modules? I have difficulty where to put the Images Folder . . . <img border="0" src="file:///C:/program%20files%20(x86)/SwordSearcher%205/Images/1on1/1-1%20Main%20Page.gif" usemap="#emindmap"/> Big Picture Studies abrahams journeys <img src="C:/program...
  5. ishaknatan

    The Pilgrim Church by E.H.Broadbent on public domain . . .
  6. ishaknatan

    Life on the Highest Plane by Ruth Paxson

    Hi everyone, I have the hard copy of her book. It is a very good book according to me :lol: How do I make into ssbook module?
  7. ishaknatan

    The new 'panorama' Bible Study Course Chart 1-4

    Hi Brandon & Bill, The above books by Alfred Thompson Eade are very good to be added as books modules. #1> The Plan of the Ages #2> The Study of Angelology #3> The Second Coming of Christ #4> The Book of Revelation Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Co. Old Tappan, New Jersey I wonder if the books...
  8. ishaknatan

    1 on 1 sequel

    Hi Bill, 1-1 is about Discipleship. Have you develop another one? By the way what are the steps to take in order to integrate it into SS as an outside module? Can you do it using free-mind for the map? and than develop it into SS...
  9. ishaknatan


    First of all Thanks to Bill & Brandon for the last few threads. On D:\My Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules, I have the above (544 Kb) but didn't show up . . .? Any idea?
  10. ishaknatan


    Hi Bill, How can I read it in SS6? I put it on Module folder and nothing showed up.
  11. ishaknatan

    Gospel Harmony by AT Robertson

    Good Morning Brandon from DownUnder, I have the above on eSword and want it to be included on SS. I can't do it using es2f. Any idea?
  12. ishaknatan

    Incorporating Bible Versions

    Hi Brandon, I have 2 Indonesian modules in the e-Sword software (version 7). The files have been created by Eschalon Setup Loader in .exe format. How can I integrated in the SwordSearchers program? Thanks, Ishak
  13. ishaknatan

    Added! Dispensational Truth

    Hi Brandon, How to include the above book from Clarence Larkin in SS ? I have the file in MAP file in the eSword. Otherwise it would be nice if SS has it, since 'Rightly Dividing...' is already present :D [/img]