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  1. marty

    Sticky Notes

    When I'm working through a particular study or problem, it would be neat to have a popup space to make some notes while I organize my thoughts - like a Get Em Done sticky. It would be cool to be able to just close (delete) the note when I'm done, or save it for future reference and even...
  2. marty

    Drop-Down Chapter Selection

    Brandon, the automatic drop-down chapter selection when a Book is selected in the Bible panel is super handy. Thanks for making that feature in SwordSearcher!
  3. marty

    Recently Opened

    It would be nice to have a Recently Opened option to be able to quickly go back to a module that was used before today. :) Sometimes I can't remember the title of the module, but want to look again at something I saw a couple days or more ago.
  4. marty

    Highlighting Books and Commentaries

    Brandon, could you make it possible to highlight text in the Books and Commentaries without opening them to edit mode? That would be super convenient. :)
  5. marty

    StudyLampSoftware YouTube Channel

    The SutdyLampSoftware channel just popped up in YouTube (it's in my 'subscribed' list) and I saw the video on Passage Analysis. I've overlooked that most interesting tool - but no more! I get so set in my uses of SwordSearcher - the videos are are a great reminder of all the fantastic tools...
  6. marty

    Features, Features, Features!

    I love the versatility and all the many features of SwordSearcher! Brandon, thank you for the hours and hours you've spent creating and fine tuning SwordSearcher - this program has enriched and deepened my Bible study no end! I feel like before SS I was peeking through a keyhole - SwordSearcher...
  7. marty

    Outlines of the Books of the Bible

    Wow, Brandon! What a neat feature! Thanks for the heads up - - as I didn't see this Book. It will be one of my go-to Books from now on! :)
  8. marty

    User-submitted Grandmother's Bible

    marty submitted a new module: Grandmother's Bible - Tracts found in Grandmother's Bible Read more about this module...
  9. marty

    This is sweeeet!

    I've gotten a nice surprise - In the editor, when I have a list of verses and with my cursor on the first verse, if I use Ctrl T to add the text, it puts the verse text on all of the verses listed (whether the list is vertical or horizontal), until it runs into some text - other than a comma...
  10. marty


    In the Bible panel, is there a way to have the footnotes become part of the text as in the clipboard configuration example instead of part of the margin links? The attached screenshot shows the text both ways...
  11. marty


    I could use another commentary widget.
  12. marty

    Inserting Links

    In the Editor, under Insert/Link to an entry in Book or Commentary Module... it would be helpful if you could type a reference into the Entry selector box instead of having to scroll to the entry that you want to link - in Commentaries, the list is long.
  13. marty

    User-submitted A Bible Study Form [ABblStudy]

    I made a module for my chapter-by-chapter study for 2015 and thought I would share the form for anyone else who would like a structured study form. I made the entries as "01 Genesis 01," "01 Genesis 02," etc. Under 'Names of God,' I put all the names of God that are mentioned in the chapter...
  14. marty

    Inserting a Definition into a Module

    Is there a quick way to locate and insert a specific word in the dictionary in a module? For instance, I want to insert the definition of the word "Churl" into my module, so with the editor open, I click on Insert, Link to an Entry in Book or Commentary Module and select the book, "WebsterA-J"...
  15. marty

    Highlighting and Underlining

    I'd like to be able to label the colors in the highlighting and underlining list (i.e. Promise, Prophecy of Christ, Warning, Prophecy Fulfilled, etc.), and then be able to easily bring up and sort the list of verses marked. It would be beneficial to see the verses grouped under their labels. A...
  16. marty

    Save As Option

    I have a Bible Study module with an entry containing a form to fill out for the verse or passage being studied... Currently I (1) open the form entry in Edit, and (2) do a Select/Copy All, and close the editor, then (3) make a new Entry, and then (4) Paste to (5) fill out the form. It would be...
  17. marty

    Popup Previews

    The popup previews are a really great feature of SwordSearcher! So many thoughtful little treats in this program - thanks, Brandon!
  18. marty

    Current Default Highlight Color

    I think this has been suggested before and is probably already somewhere on the to-do list... It would be helpful if the 'default' highlight/underline color showed when you rest the cursor on the highlight icon. Sometimes when I'm changing colors, I forget what the last used one was, and then I...
  19. marty

    Copying a range of verses

    It would be helpful to be able to select "Copy from [verse] to verse..." from the right-click options in the search results panel, if that's possible to do from there. Now we have to change the Bible panel to the search results passage we want, copy the range of verses and then put the Bible...
  20. marty

    With Regard to Bookmarks

    I would like to be able to set a bookmark to a specific point in a book. Currently, in the long, long chapter that I'm working in, the editor is open and there is a set of references that I would like to come back to and put in a module of their own - but the editor is open, so as it is now...