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    I don't mind regular playback of the Bible at all. What I mean is if I search a word or words such as "wise, wisdom" or "fear" or "thus saith the lord" and play the search results, it kind of runs together when it shouldn't. The verses are totally separate statements most of the time. I have...
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    Yes. I do that too. Thanks. Maybe even a 3 second between verse pause would be good for me.
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    I use the audio bible a lot playing search results. It would be nice to be able to insert a one or two second pause between verses.
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    Over 2 years of Swordsearcher

    Just to introduce myself I live in northern MN out in the woods. Been here for over 30 years. Been into the Book for that long too. I have solar for my only power. I cant get the internet at my place either. My phone does not work all that well either. I borrow the net when I go to town. But...