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  1. RevTim

    Bridgeway Bible Dictionary AND Commentary

    Hi Brandon - Any chance you might be able to get the Bridgeway Bible Dictionary and / or Commentary included in the program? Just curious... Not sure about any copyright issues but I have lately found them to be good resources. Would be a great addition, if possible, and practical to add.
  2. RevTim

    Exporting verse with footnotes

    Brandon - I have lately taken to exporting verses with their footnotes (if any) into my teaching notes as I prepare a chapter for teaching. Currently I am studying Mark 4. 2 verses which I imported are: * Mark 4:21 And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a {The word in the...
  3. RevTim


    Is there a way to move from tabto tab - say when the commentary window is in focus - with the keyboard or a shortcut command?
  4. RevTim

    Moody's Notes from my Bible

    Brandon any chance of adding this work as a mod in the future?
  5. RevTim

    A Christmas gift

    This year I decided to gift a deluxe copy of the program to a pastor I recently met. I think he is a good expository preacher and while I don't know him well, he seems like a fine man. I trust it will be a blessing to him as much as it has been to me all these years. It's also a small way to...
  6. RevTim

    Well... Looks like I haven't kept up...

    ...with some of the new modules being released. Will have to remedy that this weekend... Love this ability gives & empowers it's users!
  7. RevTim

    Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists & Bible Teachers

    Hands down, this feature is still one of the most valuable to make active use of in your ministry. If you are ever thinking of writing a book of any kind, even just compiling your sermons, you'll find it invaluable.
  8. RevTim

    Future request

    Simon Greenleaf's 1874 masterpiece, The Testimony of the Four Evangelists
  9. RevTim

    Question about Forge

    Can you import a PDF doc and will it create a book from that?
  10. RevTim

    Call me late to the party...

    I know there was a lot of discussions about audio Bible issues over time. Now I have a dramatized King James as my audio, and I guess I came to understand that the audio was better synched to Scourby's version. So I just never gave a thought to trying the shift-click option to have the audio...
  11. RevTim

    This is going to be a dumb question...

    ...or at least I'm going to feel dumb asking it, given how long I have enjoyed using SS: can you set up a parrallel view of Bibles in the Bible window? So if you wanted to see how two or three versions read side by side, can that be done? I thought it could, but I've been looking over the...
  12. RevTim

    Edersheim's Life & Times

    Any chance of adding this work to the Edersheim works?
  13. RevTim

    QC font size

    Is the QC supposed to look like this? I didn't see a way of [1] adjusting the font in the search box, or [2] expanding the search box into full screen mode? EDIT: Ok, used my mouse to adjust the size of the box. But can I make the font smaller inside?
  14. RevTim

    Oh my! (User material)

    Seems like I have fallen behind on d/l'ing user materials! :eek::D
  15. RevTim

    New modules

    Brandon, how do you find new materialto add to official releases in the future? What gies into your decision making?
  16. RevTim

    David Gay - Rom 11

    Can anyone tell me if this is written from a Calvinistic perspective?
  17. RevTim

    Zipped books

    Still getting used to my new pc with W10. So I d/l'd a zipped module. Where do I have to extract it to?
  18. RevTim


    Brandon, I went looking for help from Englishman's and can't find it. Is it gone now? Will it come back? Sorry, I may be out of the loop but I was a bit surprised about this. Unless I'm just missing it. Thanks
  19. RevTim

    Simon Greenleaf

    Brandon, just wondering if you had ever given thought to adding any works by Simon Greenleaf? I think he would be a great addition. Thanks for the consideration.
  20. RevTim

    creating un-editable user module

    Brandon, it's been a while since I tried making a user module. There's a small work on prayer that I think would be a blessing to all, but I want to make sure that it can't be changed once it's available to ensure the preservation of the original author's work. However since it has been so...