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  1. TerriP

    2 questions, please

    Thanks, Brandon! And Bill, too, I will dig in later today, thank you both very much!
  2. TerriP

    2 questions, please

    1. I was looking in the "images" tab in SS for something on The Table of Nations in Genesis 10, but I did not see one or maybe I missed it? 2. When I am reading Scripture in the "Bibles" section and click on one of the the commentaries for further information, say like Adam Clarke for example...
  3. TerriP

    Any other web sites?

    I love how you all work so diligently for the Kingdom, and how you share these studies and such, including Brandon Staggs and all the wonderful SwordSearcher modules (see Johnny NL Oct. 2 post above "So far, SwordSearcher 9 has; 25 commentaries, (including the "payable one: UTB-Understand The...
  4. TerriP

    User-submitted Works of Josephus

    Thank you, Bill and Brandon.
  5. TerriP

    Letter to Jesus

    Good Sunday morning or afternoon or evening to everyone Have any of you seen this: You may very well have - the date on it in one website says October, 2013, but I had not seen or heard it before. I was watching a teaching video by Joyce Meyer on...
  6. TerriP

    Esther Chapter 10?

    Pursuant to Brandon's comment above "Of course I agree that modern Bible translations are missing things, those are deliberate decisions the editors of those texts have made." - Here is yet another opportunity to share how the Lord has Blessed us, using one of His dear children (Brandon) to help...
  7. TerriP

    A peek at SwordSearcher 9

    I never even knew what "dark mode" was before. This is very thoughtful, Brandon. It's truly amazing how God uses some people to Bless us - and one of them is you, imagine that. How many members of SwordSearcher total and then you think how many members will benefit from this. God is Good...
  8. TerriP

    "You are using an out of date browser…”

    Thanks a LOT for the support... I clicked on the link provided by Brandon and this is what I got: Does this help? Thanks again, Johnny and Brandon.
  9. TerriP

    "You are using an out of date browser…”

    I am getting this notice in the Forums main page and in several of the posts: I use Norton Safe Search, not Google or Chrome or any other, just Norton - does that have anything to do with this notice? ' Plus...
  10. TerriP

    Windows Desktop Background

    Thanks, Bill and Johnny!
  11. TerriP

    Windows Desktop Background

    I like this, too; thanks for sharing! So but when you say "centered" does that mean you have more than one monitor, and that this is centered in the middle of them? I like the details, too. Thanks, Bill.
  12. TerriP

    User-submitted Works of Josephus

    Thank you and please remind me, where do I download this to my computer?!
  13. TerriP

    Implemented! Custom Bible Reading Plan

    I like it. Copied to an Excel file so I can check it off daily. Hopefully daily. Sometimes well okay a lot of times I don't read as much or as often as I should, or would like to. Busyness! Thanks, Bill.
  14. TerriP

    Future request

    I've got a Word doc 22 pages of "Testimony of the Evangelists" by Dr. Simon Greenleaf - is that what you are looking for? Be happy to email it to you.
  15. TerriP

    What I love about SwordSearcher

    Ken, I wonder if this information in Mr. Curtis' comments above: "...Another way I use SwordSearcher, is with another software called NaturalReaders (It's free!). What I will do is, "Copy All" from a chapter in a book module then paste it into NaturalReaders Text-To-Speech software and click...
  16. TerriP

    Module Discussion - this is a doozy

    Okay, thanks a heap, Brandon.
  17. TerriP

    Module Discussion - this is a doozy

    I would like to download this module J. Vernon McGee ...but I'm scared! I've got modules all over the place (I think this happened when I got a new computer last year and tried to move files over from...
  18. TerriP

    User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials

    Okay, that file folder "C:\Users\Terri\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules" is empty. My files are in this folder: C:\Users\Terri\OneDrive\Pictures\PICTURES 2\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules So the BPS101-Assets and the BPS101.ss5book I copied and pasted the zip file to that first folder...
  19. TerriP

    User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials

    Okay, I downloaded it into the same folder all my other ssbooks are, unzipped it, but when I open SS I don't see it under books. What am I doing wrong?!! Thank you.
  20. TerriP

    Keyboard Toggle for KJV-TSK refrence results list panel

    By the way - nice Word cloud :)