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    SwordSearcher on Mac with Parrells

    Yeah, even harder with the new chipsets. The macs with the intel chips make making a virtual machine easier.
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    Adding highlights and notes to commentary?

    I see a link to edit commentary but it isn't active? I wanted to add notes to the Pulpit commentary. Wanted to highlight words and add extra definition information. Is that something that can be done?
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    SwordSearcher on Mac with Parrells

    So, I've been using SwordSearcher for three years now. It's taken my Scripture study to places I never thought I could go. With it only being on Windows, I stuck to Windows laptops. Then when the pandemic hit, my nephew needed a good computer to stream as he was learning online. When looking to...
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    Syncing active verse

    I forget how to sync what I'm reading in the Bible with commentary. So that as I scroll through the Bible, the commentary scrolls with it. Now, I'm not sure if it has to be on infinite scrolling for that to happen because I also forgot how to engage that??
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    CMRB, RRB Module Possibilities

    Any way to download other Bible translations? I have the KJV & NASB at the moment.
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    Widget highlighting

    Is there more ways we can access what we've highlighted? Perhaps putting something in the task or something?