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  1. RevTim

    Bridgeway Bible Dictionary AND Commentary

    Hi Brandon - Any chance you might be able to get the Bridgeway Bible Dictionary and / or Commentary included in the program? Just curious... Not sure about any copyright issues but I have lately found them to be good resources. Would be a great addition, if possible, and practical to add.
  2. RevTim

    Sync between laptop and desktop

    In my Module file alone I have 1.19 GB of data - but I have not kept up with all new modules available.
  3. RevTim

    Exporting verse with footnotes

    Well, it was worth asking. Thanks as always.
  4. RevTim

    Moody's Notes from my Bible

    Any update? He asks, knowing he's supposed to be anxious for nothing, but still... ;)
  5. RevTim

    The word "if" after a bible verse

    Regie, what work is this from?
  6. RevTim

    Exporting verse with footnotes

    Brandon - I have lately taken to exporting verses with their footnotes (if any) into my teaching notes as I prepare a chapter for teaching. Currently I am studying Mark 4. 2 verses which I imported are: * Mark 4:21 And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a {The word in the...
  7. RevTim

    Voice overlay for Hebrew & Greek:

    May I ask why you think this would be a great asset?
  8. RevTim

    Any other web sites?

    Really? Where's the pot lucks? The coffee fellowships? The other food related activities? I'm missing out, I'm sure of it!! 😉
  9. RevTim

    Audio Configuration Possibilities

    Is there some reason you want to zoom through the Word?
  10. RevTim


    That's exactly what I was looking for: thanks much!
  11. RevTim


    Is there a way to move from tabto tab - say when the commentary window is in focus - with the keyboard or a shortcut command?
  12. RevTim

    Moody's Notes from my Bible

    Brandon any chance of adding this work as a mod in the future?
  13. RevTim

    Third-party New American Standard Bible [NASB] [Paid]

    An eSword module won't work on SwordSearcher? Imagine that...
  14. RevTim

    User-submitted FDR's D-day prayer

    I am not sure FDR was actually born again. I'm not sure how much value there is in examining his prayer. Bill, do you have any insight on his status of salvation? I am glad that as the leader of America, he turned to God in prayer after this tragic event - but he also knew about the Holocaust...
  15. RevTim

    SwordSearcher at Ubuntu 20.04

    Version 4?!?!? Did I start with v.3 or 4? Yikes!! I'm comparatively ancient!!! o_O
  16. RevTim

    What's your favorite Bible text font?

    Yea, verily, and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen!
  17. RevTim

    What's your favorite Bible text font?

    I prefer Times New Romans, 12 pt (at least).
  18. RevTim

    Tropologia by Benjamin Keach

    Have you considered uploading to the SwordSearcher official user made works so everyone can d/l, if desired?
  19. RevTim

    Over 2 years of Swordsearcher

    Great testimony brother. Sometimes I wonder how Paul managed without SwordSearcher! ;) The Word of God is always a blessing, and your post was very encouraging.