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  1. TerriP

    2 questions, please

    1. I was looking in the "images" tab in SS for something on The Table of Nations in Genesis 10, but I did not see one or maybe I missed it? 2. When I am reading Scripture in the "Bibles" section and click on one of the the commentaries for further information, say like Adam Clarke for example...
  2. TerriP

    Letter to Jesus

    Good Sunday morning or afternoon or evening to everyone Have any of you seen this: You may very well have - the date on it in one website says October, 2013, but I had not seen or heard it before. I was watching a teaching video by Joyce Meyer on...
  3. TerriP

    "You are using an out of date browser…”

    I am getting this notice in the Forums main page and in several of the posts: I use Norton Safe Search, not Google or Chrome or any other, just Norton - does that have anything to do with this notice? ' Plus...
  4. TerriP

    Module Discussion - this is a doozy

    I would like to download this module J. Vernon McGee ...but I'm scared! I've got modules all over the place (I think this happened when I got a new computer last year and tried to move files over from...
  5. TerriP

    Spurgeon Sermons

    A sunshiny and Blessed day to you all So. I thought we had a module in the book section of SwordSearcher for Spurgeon Sermons. No? I was looking to buy a set of TDNT in Amazon and Spurgeon Sermons came up as one of those "you might also want to buy..." suggestions. So if we do not have it...
  6. TerriP

    George Williams commentary

    I don't suppose there are any plans for adding The Complete Bible Commentary by George Williams to SwordSearcher? Thanks. [uh oh I put this in "Bible" forum and I see now I should have put it in "Future" forum... too late...? sorry]
  7. TerriP

    "Back to Top" button or...

    You know what would be neat for each posting in Forums would be a little button that you click on that would bring you back up to the top of the page, so after reading the latest post (I have mine set so that the latest post is at the bottom, not the top), instead of using the slide bar at the...
  8. TerriP

    Threads below this ...

    When I click on "New Posts" I see new posts all right, but also there's a line there that it says "Threads below this have not been updated since your last visit but have unread messages." Is there a quick way to take them off the list because there are a lot and most are very old and I have...
  9. TerriP

    Save Layout

    New computer, re-installed SS a little bit ago. I transferred all the modules, that's okay. So I choose "View/Set Layout/SwordSearcher Classic" but the "save layout" is greyed out. When I click on Exit, not Exit without saving layout but just Exit, when I re-open SS I have to set it up all...
  10. TerriP

    Print to pdf: Illustrations

    How do I print an image from 'Illustrations from Dispensational Truth' to pdf landscape rather than (apparently default) portrait? For example, I want to print to pdf The Tabernacle illustration but to landscape. It would display better, I think, maybe even to Legal size...? Thanks...
  11. TerriP

    hiding tabs

    Oh, this is very nice, I am down to 35 and it's much neater. I mean, there's just no need to have all the books up there, too, not all the time. Plus I can get them easily enough, just reverse what I just did.. Thank you!
  12. TerriP

    Strong's Hebrew Dictionary 5375

    SwordSearcher Strong's 5375 Hebrew definition of nasa: or nacah (Psalm 4 : 6 (7)) {naw-saw'}; a primitive root; to lift, in a great variety of applications, literal and figurative, absol. and rel. (as follows):--accept, advance, arise, (able to, (armor), suffer to) bear(-er, up), bring (forth)...
  13. TerriP

    Search Results - Result Map

    I just noticed the "Result Map" in the Search Results box. That is neat.
  14. TerriP

    Saving posts already read

    Is there a way to save or bookmark a post (in here) so that I can come back to it later and re-read or maybe download something that I just don't have time for right now? Like when you read email, you can "save it as new" or something similar.... Thanks.
  15. TerriP

    "Save Custom Layout"

    First, thanks for the 6.0! I was planning to install the new version after finishing up work-related April 15th stuff, then exactly on April 15 I had some real puter probs so had to call Dell and after hours trying to repair, turns out I had to do a complete os re-install, and you know what...
  16. TerriP

    Spurgeon Morning & Evening

    Where can I find Spurgeon Morning & Evening devotional module for SS? I have v. 6 but have not loaded it yet, is it in there? I don't see it on the "revisions history" page... And under the Charles Spurgeon link it's listed but not linked...
  17. TerriP

    How do I insert a picture?

    I see some members of the User Forums have pictures or jpegs inserted within their posts. How do I do that? I clicked on "Insert Image" above but that has "Please enter the URL of your image", but what I would like to do is insert from My Pictures folder on my computer. Thanks for any...
  18. TerriP

    Names of God Chart SS Module

    From a chart I made up of the Names of God, Marty created an SS book module that you can download into your SwordSearcher, and then WSBones set it up in a link for us: Left-click on the link, click on "Save," and then download to your...
  19. TerriP

    AW Tozer Books in SS Modules

    If I copy and paste AW Tozer's books from the SS Modules into a Word doc, so that I can print it up and bind it into a little book... would it be all right, do you think, if I changed Scripture references from whatever version he used to KJV...? For example, I Call It Heresy, Chapter 1, "I...
  20. TerriP

    Jesus' Words in Red

    I did a search to see if this was discussed before but could not find any posts on it: Is it possible to do a search in "Search Bible F2" or perhaps another utility in SwordSearcher for the Words of Jesus only? If not, would it be hard to program it? Thanks, Brandon. Terri P.