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  1. Rebekah Staggs

    New forum software migration

    What looks like a sand or cream color on his monitors renders a slight pinkish-orange color on my laptop... We'll fix that...
  2. Rebekah Staggs

    Help An ESword Guy

    So Steve, did you get it yet? :)
  3. Rebekah Staggs

    Feedback request: SwordSearcher videos

    No, you do not sound funny. It looks and sounds good. Instructions are clear and easy to understand. I've learned some things I did not know. Very instructive. I like it. Is interesting a good thing? :) I always find it funny how we "picture" someone in our minds as looking a certain way...
  4. Rebekah Staggs

    Help me not be annoyed

    I see what you mean. Now that you mention it I do the same thing. It seriously interferes with my sense of order.
  5. Rebekah Staggs

    Christian Emoticons for SS Forums?

    What do you find missing?
  6. Rebekah Staggs

    in-line images

    I'm sure he'll find something to replace it with if he does. Seems every time he gets an item implemented... he adds two or three more to the list. :) Its a good thing though because it means the program is always growing and improving.
  7. Rebekah Staggs

    Long time User - New to forum

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  8. Rebekah Staggs

    A Blessed New Year To All!!

    Thank you. A Happy New Year to everyone as well.
  9. Rebekah Staggs

    Bible Verse Screensaver

    Neat pictures.
  10. Rebekah Staggs

    Bible Verse Screensaver

    Not a Screensaver, but here are some free desktop wallpapers we made a while ago: Save the files to a folder Go to your desktop and pick properties>screensaver Choose the my pictures slideshow option Change the settings to the folder you saved the...
  11. Rebekah Staggs

    Brandon's new profile pic

    Ya look like a normal person to me :) Glad to finally "see" you.
  12. Rebekah Staggs


    Ah thanks... I was about to email for tech support. :)
  13. Rebekah Staggs


    I can hide the tabs? :)
  14. Rebekah Staggs


    You saying I have some sort of clout with the programmer? :) Or was it that I was the last active forum member to chime in hence completing the consensus?
  15. Rebekah Staggs


    You know I hardly ever use the commentaries, but I also find it disconcerting to have to shuffle back through the tabs to find the one I'm looking for. I never mentioned it cause I thought it was just me and my wanting things in the same place every time and organizing everything mode. :)
  16. Rebekah Staggs

    Added! Your opinion: Would Calvin's Commentaries be useful?

    No wonder your post count is so high... you qoute yourself and reply. :)
  17. Rebekah Staggs

    Brandon's new profile pic

    That's funny. I took those pics in the same place...maybe minutes apart. It's all about the angle. :) He is also in my profile pic. That one is from our 10th anniversary... 2 1/2 years ago. I suppose I should update it with a more current some point. We're still waiting to see...
  18. Rebekah Staggs

    History of SwordSearcher

    B, Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. It's funny how I'd forgotten some of the details. I do recall making the disks ready to ship and lining the labels up just right. :) It still amazes me how something that had its start from a command-line-only DOS program. Programmed at a tiny desk...
  19. Rebekah Staggs

    Something to consider....

    Great idea. This would be the board to announce on. Keep it simple. Start a new thread saying "Starting work on module X" You might consider stating a hope to be done by date. Not that I'd hold you to it, but others might. ;) I like the idea of others being able to network on larger...