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  1. DrTonyS

    Bible Version

    Good Day, Brandon I cannot thank you enough for the work that you started here. It has helped me through college and now with some personal writing. One version, if possible, is the Modern English Version, is there a possible way to get that put into this program? Thank you, Tony
  2. DrTonyS

    Might Help

    Agreed, mentioned this in my post above.
  3. DrTonyS

    Might Help

    Good Morning, I hope you all are doing well this year. I have, like many, started reading the bible through and have a couple of suggestions. I am curious if there is a way to add a button on the reading schedule pane to click the whole day complete. I know you can clear the day in the...
  4. DrTonyS

    Data whisperer, calming some tough data sets...

    Data whisperer, calming some tough data sets...