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  1. Ruthlyn

    Happy Birthday!

    Blessings on your special day anonymous member, same to Johnny next week and we'll revisit Marty in November, God willing and our Lord tarries 🥰🥳🎂🍦🎊🎁🎈🎉
  2. Ruthlyn

    AI (not the city)

    Yup, I see how much of a factor AI will play in the rule of the antichrist... like you said... chilling...
  3. Ruthlyn

    AI (not the city)

    I'm not too keen on AI myself (to put it mildly) 😏
  4. Ruthlyn

    AI (not the city)

    "Reggae" is the brand of music that is part of the Jamaican culture... like calypso/soca is the music associated with the culture of my country of Trinidad and Tobago or country western with southern USA ;)
  5. Ruthlyn

    AI (not the city)

    All I can say is... Wow
  6. Ruthlyn

    Highlighting Books & Commentaries

    Wow... yes indeed you can ☺️
  7. Ruthlyn

    2024 is SwordSearcher's 30th Anniversary! 😁

    Yeah, I enjoyed the days of DOS... to me the difference between DOS and Windows is like having to drive an automatic car after mastering driving a stick shift vehicle... one you drive while the other presents no such joy or challenge 😏
  8. Ruthlyn

    Understanding the Bible: An Independent Baptist Commentary

    I confess I'm not a big fan of commentaries as the few I've explored left me agape at how they butchered the Word of God... however, the reviews here of this commentary is encouraging ☺️
  9. Ruthlyn

    2024 is SwordSearcher's 30th Anniversary! 😁

    Wow, this is fantastic! SwordSearcher is in its prime 🥰... Congratulations 🎊... I know that I have been tremendously blessed over the years as have been folks who I purchased copies of the software for. Our God has greatly blessed this program for the use of building up the saints in their most...
  10. Ruthlyn

    Audio Book

    I have a few myself but I stick with Alexander Scourby
  11. Ruthlyn

    Newbie, getting word search results?

    Hi JeepFan, I don't know what you're seeing either but this is what you're supposed to get with a simply search. If you type your word in the search box where you can also see what Book Chapter:verse you are on then this is what you should see... If you hit enter to perform the search the...
  12. Ruthlyn

    KJV Spelling of Zachariah, or Zechariah

    As Marty said, they are different people with different spelling of their names. Zachariah was of the Kings of Israel and Zechariah was the son of a prophet.
  13. Ruthlyn

    Ctrl+h oops just now HELP...

    I answered in the original post before I saw this 🙂
  14. Ruthlyn


    Select the verse underlined by dragging the mouse over it, click on the pencil and select the "No Underline" option to clear it.
  15. Ruthlyn

    Adding a Bible translation after install

    Thanks Brandon, I confess I was looking for a shortcut solution 😏... I'll run the install again 😉
  16. Ruthlyn

    Adding a Bible translation after install

    Hi Brandon, how can I add a Bible translation (e.g. Spanish) after I've installed the SS program... do I have to re-install the whole program? 🤔
  17. Ruthlyn

    Newsletter: How SwordSearcher works with Books

    Excellent indeed. Thanks for taking the time to do these wonderful videos for us Brandon!
  18. Ruthlyn

    Newsletter: How SwordSearcher works with Books

    I don't know HOW or WHY I'm suddenly so busy (well I do know how and why 😏) but God willing I'll be back to my regular, retired schedule soon 🙃... however, I'm going to look at that video NOW!!! Thanks in advance Brandon!
  19. Ruthlyn

    UPTime and SwordSearcher

    Great presentation Johnny... thanks for sharing 🙌