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    Bug in Version 4.7 update

    WOOHOO - that WORKED!!! :!: Thanks Brandon - that was fast work - you obviously know your software inside and out!! :D Ray 8)
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    Bug in Version 4.7 update

    I have no problems copying verses within the verses section, left click, 'copy verse' or 'copy several verses' That works OK. It is just when i, say, highlight text from within the commentaries section and hit 'copy selected text' . If i do that, i either get nothing or i get some other text...
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    Bug in Version 4.7 update

    Thanks Ted, that was what i was thinking of doing too. Ray 8)
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    Lots of User Content available in Yahoo Groups!

    Thanks Jerry. Now, what do you do once you've downloaded it - how do you get it into the Sword Searcher program?? Forgive the ignorance. :mrgreen: Ray 8)
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    Bug in Version 4.7 update

    I noticed when using version 4.5 deluxe and updating to version 4.7 (from website, not CD) that i no longer can copy~paste a section of text directly, say, into a forum. Clicking on paste does nothing, nothing gets pasted?? The only workaround i've come up with is to copy it to Notepad...
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    God bless you for this great program

    Kudos Brandon for a great Bible software program!! I use it extensively and find it invaluable! :wink: God bless, Ray 8)