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    8.1 usability issues on older versions of Windows systems

    Ken, It's a know issue with IE8 which is what came `standard´ with Win 7. Will likely go ahead and upgrade to IE11. I've made screen caps of the fonts as rendered with IE8, and from experience know that upgrading to the latest IE will cause fonts in many of my apps to become blurry. We'll be...
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    8.1 usability issues on older versions of Windows systems

    Here's a few more screen caps. This is a search for `strong´ in bible panel. That works ok. This is a search for `strong delusion´ in bible panel. That does not work. It's working ok in the Commentaries panel: This is the Toggle Paragraph function in the Bibles panel: Off...
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    8.1 usability issues on older versions of Windows systems

    I'm now stuck in a confusing and unproductive loop of usability issues since upgrading to 8.1 of SS. First off, the Set Active Verse is out of control. If I set one verse as Active, then set another verse active in the same bible panel, now they are BOTH highlighted, then 3, 4 or more...
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    Results and Analysis windows - which one on top?

    Noticed some strange or un-explainable behavior in SS8.1 this afternoon. I did a search for `mystery or mysteries´ from the toolbar search field, and then right-moused and opened the Info and Stats window for the search results. A bit later on, did a right-mouse and opened the Passage Analysis...
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    Hot Key to Clone Panel?

    It would be great to set a hot key or shortcut to CLONE a panel. Yes I've searched Help but got bogged down. -Greg
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    8.1 Update

    Good to see an update for v8, and glad there are more features to copy (or export) search results. The tab shuffling always confused me. It was like having the buttons on your toolbar constantly changing position. :confused: < < confused The update price at first struck me as unusual for a...
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    v 8.1 -- Thanks for the "sticky" tabs!!

    Will have to agree, it was a `confusion factor´ having to scan them and search.when the tabs would move around. -Greg
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    Included John Wesley's Notes on the Bible [Wesley] [Deluxe]

    Brandon, what is the difference between THIS module, and Wesley's Commentaries here:
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    Any thoughts about Understanding the Bible: An Independent Baptist Commentary

    This is a VERY good exercise. There was an 'altercation' last Friday in our Law, Freedom and Justice group, where a caller [to the radio program] got a bit aggressive with the guest host. Overall the program contained a LOT of material about Adam, Enoch and the Covenant(s) similar to what's...
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    Table (search) w/in range: original word, Strong's #, translation

    Anything you can do to enhance working with and displaying Hebrew words would be most welcome.
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    Editing a User Module entry

    Greetings, I'm trying to add an Entry to a User Notes module from an RTF (Win7 WordPad) file and having difficulty getting it to look right. The scripture cites are ok, but paragraphs are out of control. After editing those paragraphs, the format goes right back to the way it was before. Is it...
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    Copy Paste

    Ha! nothing like bringing the competition to bear. :eek: No really it's not meant to be an embarrassment. The reason I'm here is to find ways to extract definitions from Hebrew and Greek words as they pertain to the English Common Law (Coke, Blackstone, etc).. the Reformation if you will...
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    Clone Search Results panel

    Thanks for the reply, As in the other thread Copy Paste, I've spent a lot of time exporting and formatting verses.. mostly from Search results. Still a newbie with SS, and now see that F7 copies Search panel, and F8 copies Bible panel to clipboard. Please take a few moments and see the Results...
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    Copy Paste

    I spent a good amount of time exploring that yesterday, and thought it worked at one point. Can't seem to reproduce it this morning though, but still on the first cup of coffee. :cool:
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    Clone Search Results panel

    Yesterday I did a search for ἐξουσία (exousia) and came up with 93 bible hits. Have copied the entire results for both KJV and KJVSL and pasted [results] into TWO separate WordPad docs, and busy formatting the content. That's another whole "export" issue. So.. to best view and reproduce...
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    Floating layout

    Can I ask a question? When you say `floating layout´.. does that mean grabbing the panels by their Title bar, and dragging them away (apart) from the main window? (then resizing and positioning?)
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    Search Hebrew word or phrase

    Here's another part...and Hebrew seems a real challenge. :eek: How about introduce a new Textus Receptus tab with Strong's Links, or TRSL? Why? 'cause I'm having great difficulty mousing-over Hebrew words in the TR Search panel. You can toggle (switch) between Full View and Concordant View...
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    Search Hebrew word or phrase

    Thanks for the reply, I think typing Hebrew isn't necessary. Instead, the first issue (or question) is.. how to compose by copy & paste, TWO Hebrews word to PASTE into FLS (A+L)? See TWO words in Reply #2 above. If you copy and paste the first word, then try to go back (to another panel) and...
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    Search Hebrew word or phrase

    Ok, I'm calm, don't worry. Notice above the expression in `Should be´, read in English is Covenant Cut. It's backwards. The second part of the question is.. how does on COMPOSE, type or enter that expression in FLS (Alt+L) ? Please try that exercise and post your remarks. I'm getting 6...
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    Search Hebrew word or phrase

    Damn.. the post is LOCKED for editing and it's incorrect. :mad: Should be: כָּרַת בְּרִית