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    SwordSearcher Read Out-Loud

    You might also check: Ed
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    These dl's ARE free, Tim. Ed
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    Where is the dramatized KJV available, Tim?
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    Proverbs 3:5 (KJV) Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own...

    Proverbs 3:5 (KJV) Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
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    You might want to checkout the free/paid Natural Reader: I like to use it for SS books and commentaries now and then.
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    User-submitted Bible Broadcasting Network Courses [BBNI]

    Hello all; and thanks Bill for this awesome resource. Question: I enrolled on BBNBI, then started Course 00100 - Foundational Beliefs.... I saw your notes on the first lesson, and have been writing my own for subsequent lessons. I would like to enter the notes per lesson, instead of per...
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    User-submitted Dr. Thomas Constable Notes (pdf format)

    Please note: Constable's notes have been updated for 2020! I just dl'd them and have not reviewed, but they are 50megs larger than the 2017 files, so you may want to update your PDF files. See Ed
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    Text to Speech

    I wish for this feature as well. I'd love to be able to listen to portions of books & commentaries while using SS. I know I can copy/paste portions of these into a compatible program that will "read" aloud, but integration into SS would be wonderful! Ed
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    United module-sharing on the internet

    Hi Regie...thanks for your valuable contributions to the SS lib! I like this idea a lot! It would share user created material among different software users. I'd prefer a separate site versus a FaceBook or social media platform, as some are not comfortable with the security of social...
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    Genesis to Revelation Bible Course

    Where did you find the module download file, Ken? I've tried all links from thread and come up with "not found" errors. I have the PDF file, but no SS module. Ed
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    SwordSearcher wins SIAF 2008 People's Choice Awards

    It certainly couldn't have happened to a better program or author. Brandon, thanks so much for your tireless work on a great program. God is doing some powerful work through you. God Bless...Ed
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    Implemented! Module Storage Question.

    That's exactly the info I was looking for. I haven't yet created any modules myself, but I was looking to move the many I've downloaded from the generous makers here. I like to sector-image my system drive(s), with just straight-backup on the others, and the SS5 section of the My...
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    Topic and Verse Guide

    Agreed - this would provide very easy access to the TVG. Ed
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    Library module details pages being posted

    I like that idea too, Brandon. Until then, I'll just use the personal book entry that I've made, having copied the info from the site. Please do incorporate this! BigEd
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    Implemented! Module Storage Question.

    Is there a way to change the default add-on storage module location, say to another drive and directory? I am trying to prune application-type data files from my system drive onto other logical drives. I'm comfortable with registry modification if necessary...I know I could probably...
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    What the Bible Teaches

    Thanks so much for your hard work Bill! I and others really appreciate it. Ed
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    Bible Verse Screensaver

    Hey, thanks for the wallpapers Jerry and Jae! Ed
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    Forge Question

    Iowaross - I look forward to your SS5 module! I had been thinking of the same thing, but I've done absolutely zero module building and it hit the (very) back burner. Please keep us updated. This thread mentions 2 different audio bible collections. I'm sure each has it's advantages and...
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    Library module details pages being posted

    Wow, Brandon. You know, SwordSearcher has become so robust that you one day may have to offer a course in "Learning SS's Features"!! I'm always amazed at the breadth of ways to use SS...thanks for putting in all the effort. BigEd
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    Added! Your opinion: Would Calvin's Commentaries be useful?

    Hmm...I understand the comments from the last two posts, but I hate the thought of ommitting anything of possible value from SS5. Those who don't want or need the extra commentaries can always hide the tabs. Ed