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  1. kjvman

    Is there a way to find all chapter:verse in each book?

    Is there a way to search for and get a list of verses with the same chapter and verse designations? For example Gen. 12:12, Exo. 12:12, Lev. 12:12, Num. 12:12. etc.
  2. kjvman

    martyrs mirror

    Any chance to you adding this book to our modules?
  3. kjvman

    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    I want the full version if possible. I want to use my own notes and commentary.
  4. kjvman

    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    Please make and Android version.
  5. kjvman

    PDF file to the book modules

    Is it possible to add pdf files to the book modules?
  6. kjvman

    Book of Jasher

    tried downloading but just a bunch of garbeld text and symbols:confused:
  7. kjvman

    what are the chances for a swordsearcher android app

    I would love to see this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. kjvman

    Pronunciation Guide

    It would be nice to have a audio Pronunciation Guide like the one at this site It could be just a link to the site or integrated into the program. Thanks
  9. kjvman

    Genesis to Revelation Bible Course

    I was able to save it but when I try to open it, I get a message that the file is invalid/:sad:
  10. kjvman

    Genesis to Revelation Bible Course

    I have firefox andcan't download. help
  11. kjvman

    word count

    I have heard several preacher over the years give wood counts from Scripture to try to prove a point. Ex. The word sin is mentioned so many time and the word blood is mentioned exactly the same number, so there is just enough blood to cover all sin. Plus other examples. Funny thing is that when...
  12. kjvman

    audio files

    Is there an audio module so we can listen to Scripture?