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  1. TonyGarland

    SwordSearcher on Mac OS-X?

    FWIW - I run SwordSearcher on a newer Mac with Parallels, but also have a VirtualBox VM and it runs fine in both. I started off with VirtualBox, but I do commercial SW development so couldn't use it free for that--plus I've found Parallels to be a superior VM solution for macOS over both VMware...
  2. TonyGarland

    Future: Search within results panel

    Something else that is interesting. If you search on "exact phrase" and enter "cleans* H3722" it does find Num. 35:22. But this "just happens" to work because the word "cleansed" happens to be adjacent to the Hebrew term in the KJVSL translation. Maybe Brandon can suggest a different approach...
  3. TonyGarland

    Future: Search within results panel

    This does sound like it would be helpful. In the meantime, here is one way to skin the cat. 1. Right click in the search results and "print window" to a PDF printer (such as the Bullzip one or equivalent). 2. Open the resulting PDF file and search for 'cleans' You'll find matches for other...
  4. TonyGarland

    History Button and Verse Copy

    I would make use of this too, much like a browser history (list) which includes each resource and location that one navigated to explicitly? For example, if you explicitly moved to a new bible verse it would show that verse in the list, but not all the other resources that are programmed to...
  5. TonyGarland

    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    In regard to a mobile version of SwordSearcher, the most important single feature for my use would be the ability to have two panes, one with a bible translation of choice and the other with my own SS book (created with Forge). In other words: the ability to access my study notes with linked...
  6. TonyGarland

    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    Although there is no ideal solution, there are a number of ways you can run Swordsearcher under OSX: Use Parallels ( Use VMWARE ( Use virtualbox...
  7. TonyGarland

    SpiritAndTruth modules available

    Revelation Commentary Updated to Version 1.26 The Revelation Commentary available at our website has been updated to version 1.26. Enjoy - Tony
  8. TonyGarland

    Lots of User Content available in Yahoo Groups!

    I concur with Brandon: authors of resources should be responsible for making clear what restrictions, if any, they intend be placed on the works they produce. This would include things like whether the work is being placed in the public domain or whether it is intentionally copyrighted and what...
  9. TonyGarland

    SpiritAndTruth modules available Looks like several of you have already discovered the SwordSearcher modules available at our teaching website: Thanks to Jerry and others for making these and other modules more widely known. By the way...