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    Port SwordSearcher into MacOS and/or Linux

    I use Linux and have used Wine successfully with it. If you're willing to purchase CrossOver (, it'll work right out of the box. I'm using the latest version. I haven't tried CrossOver with MacOS but the Linux port was awesome.
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    My question is I use Logos since Wordsearch got bought up but am interested in thoughts on this program for possible purchase thank you

    Yes! A very good Bible tool. It has a great feel and,,IMHO, is not clunky like some of the other resources that are out there.
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    Parsing and grammar tools

    Absolutely right on. I meant imperative and was probably thinking of something else while I was writing it (I do that often...:p). I'm a novice in all forms but having such tools do help me muddle through when I need it. I seem to find myself talking to a lot of people in non-mainline cults out...
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    Parsing and grammar tools

    Just wanted to bump this up as it would really help my studies. I use swordsearcher a lot and am tremendously blessed by it. At times, I'm still having to go to BLB or e-Sword's Greek NT TR+ module to get the Tense, Mood, Voice, etc.. Just recently I had to use to point out that 1Corinthians...
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    Creating ss5bible modules

    Sorry for being thick here but how can a user create a ss5bible module? I've seen and have actually downloaded some of them. I have failed to read or see how to actually create a Bible module. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks