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  1. dcausby

    Combining Strongs numbers with English words

    Coming from a position where I believe the KJV translators were very particular about which English word to use for their Hebrew or Greek equivalents, especially when there were multiple words to choose from, I was interested to see how the word "stand" (H6965) in Ps 24:3 appears elsewhere in...
  2. dcausby

    Preachers' Bible Reading Plan

    Here is a Bible reading plan I compiled during lockdown. As preachers we are to preach the "whole counsel of God", and I wanted a plan that covered the various sections or styles of Scripture in order to provide a preacher with material for sermons as the Lord leads throughout the year. Each...
  3. dcausby

    Custom Bible reading plans submission

    I have a Bible reading plan I'd like to make available to anyone, but module submissions don't include a reading plan or devotional type. Would it be practical to add this as a type of module solely for the purposes of the forum so different reading plan templates can be shared easily in one...
  4. dcausby

    Extra Pre-Defined Search Ranges

    I have added the following to my pre-defined search ranges. Maybe it can be useful to others. The range [Peter Learning] includes the words of Peter in the Gospels, while [Peter Leading] are Peter's words in Acts and in his epistles. (I've included Peter for no other reason than I was teaching a...
  5. dcausby

    Check boxes in search results

    How about a feature that allows you, after performing a bible search for example, to check verses using a check box then have a shortlist of actions you can perform on the checked verses. These actions could include, e.g., "copy checked verses to clipboard", "filter this list" (so it only shows...
  6. dcausby

    Font colours (or "colors" for my US friends :-))

    Many thanks, wsbones - got it. Thank you, all.
  7. dcausby

    Font colours (or "colors" for my US friends :-))

    Thanks for all your help, Brandon Staggs, ,marty, & wsbones. Trying out high contrast and gotta admit, there's something I like about it - looking very "spy-ish". I've looked for 1on1 module to redownload but it seems to be discontinued. I saw another that may be similar, so I'll give it a go...
  8. dcausby

    User-Created module "150Quest" amendments

    Just a couple of amendments to references you may find useful: Q10: change "11 Corinthians" to 1 Corinthians" Q25: change "1:2731" to "1:27-31" Q145: change "11 Thessalonians" to "1 Thessalonians"
  9. dcausby

    Font colours (or "colors" for my US friends :-))

    Apologies - 150Quest is the module with the font issue. "One on One Lessons" (1on1) is the image-based module. Used the format cleaner on 150Quest - problem solved! Brilliant! Thank you. If you know how to do a similar fix on Concordant View in search results, I would be most appreciative.
  10. dcausby

    Font colours (or "colors" for my US friends :-))

    I have changed my colour scheme to a blue background with yellow text that I find easier on my eyes for extended periods of time, and most of the time this works fine. I have added a few of third-party modules and one of these reverts to black text but retains the blue background, making it very...
  11. dcausby

    KJV1611 margin notes

    I was wondering if there is a module that includes the original margin notes of the 1611 KJV either as footnotes or perhaps a commentary/book module. I have tried looking online but can't seem to find one for SwordSearcher, only for another brand of bible study software. (Don't worry -...
  12. dcausby

    The ability to carry over a study session?

    Great news. Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work! :)
  13. dcausby

    The ability to carry over a study session?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature that carried over a study session, including search results, verse-lists, etc. I often spend a couple of days preparing messages and frequently refer to multiple search results to make connections between ideas, so this feature...
  14. dcausby

    Copying multiple verses

    Previously posted under "wish list" - thought I'd re-raise it to see if there's interest: Appending verses to clipboard - currently text may be appending to the clipboard. How about a function to append verses to the clipboard by right-clicking the verse reference? Thanks
  15. dcausby

    Click & drag

    How about a "click & drag" function to speed up copying verses by clicking and dragging the verse reference to an external program (without having to highlight the verse text first)? It could be further enhanced by using CTRL or SHIFT + "click & drag" to copy and paste all references in verse...
  16. dcausby

    Cross-referencing and copying verses

    Thanks - I'll give all that a try. I was looking for a quicker way to copy the context without viewing it. The CTRL click clone option should do the job, although, since the immediate context pops-up anyway, perhaps a "copy context" in the right-click menu would be a quicker option for most...
  17. dcausby

    Cross-referencing and copying verses

    Any way of adding our own cross-references to a highlighted or underlined phrase that will pop-up on hover? Also, when selecting which verses to copy, in the bible view there is the option to "copy from [ref] through verse..." - this would be a useful feature in the verse list view. It could...
  18. dcausby

    Append verse from link

    Thanks. BTW I have just noticed one more thing that may be useful - when selecting which verses to copy, in the bible view there is the option to "copy thru verse..." - this would be a useful feature in the verse list view. It could be modified further, especially for the verse list view, by...
  19. dcausby

    Append verse from link

    I know that you can append selected text to the clipboard, but it would be incredibly useful if you could append verse from their links. When preparing a sermon, I love using TSK and NAVES but I don't want to use all the referenced verses every time. Previewing the verses as you can do now...
  20. dcausby

    SwordSearcher Wish List

    Have been using SS for a few years and still think it's one of the most user-friendly bible study progs out there. One suggestion might be to search not just for a verse containing a search parameter but for a range of verses. Perhaps adding a "Search within ___ verses" option. It may help...