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  1. Johnny NL

    Isaiah 2:4

    Yes ..... indeeeeeed! Thank you Lord Almighty..... and Praise the Lord for Mr. Stagg ! Amen.
  2. Johnny NL

    User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials

    That little moment of "not knowing" where we did put the file..... 😱😢. And then you find it !!!! "Welcome to my world !!!!! 😁☕😁☕😁." Amen, all is good for you now !
  3. Johnny NL

    The Outlined Bible by Robert Lee

    Ok..... i am trying to make it as a book. (confused now.) How can I make this happen.?
  4. Johnny NL

    User-submitted Dr. Thomas Constable Notes (pdf format)

    DONE !!!! Wow! Thank you Sir. 2:00 Am, and diggin' into this like a kid in a candy store. Fully downloaded, locked and loaded, fully operational. Very enjoyable, and so nice, there is maps, and all kind of info. Thanks again Mr. wsbones. And of course Ya'all remember.... save, back up, and save...
  5. Johnny NL

    User-submitted Dr. Thomas Constable Audio Lessons on Books of the Bible

    Loving it ! ! ! ! Thank You Sir.... I really enjoy it.
  6. Johnny NL

    Dr. Thomas Constable Bible Audio Teaching by Book and Chapter

    Yeah...!! This is really nice, great. Thank You Sir.
  7. Johnny NL

    Amir Tsarfati's update-Sept-13-2018

    He is really good.... When he speaks, it is like a "live stream" of Ezekiel 38...... 📘😯😱 Thanks ishaknatan.
  8. Johnny NL

    Any Thoughts about Way of Life Literature?

    Timothy.... AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN.....!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Johnny NL

    Books and Dictionaries tab/history navigation

    Oh, my my my my my...... I didn't know that. It keeps your "selection", and shows you the full history...... Was I asleeeeeep or what !!!!! Man, !!!! This is awesome. I know I did mention it before..... BUT, Mr. Stagg, if ever you put up live "seminar/teaching".... sign me up.... I'll be in...
  10. Johnny NL

    Any Thoughts about Way of Life Literature?

    And , ... Rightly Dividing... 2Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Dispensation.... Amen.
  11. Johnny NL

    Any Thoughts about Way of Life Literature?

    AMEN, ... AMEN..... AND A M E N ! ! !
  12. Johnny NL

    Nisan 17

    I love your quote, specially, the end of it. I am trying hard to "deal" properly also with Matthew 6:19 @ 34. Life is surely ain't easy, for anyone, but like YOU said: "God is God. I love just plain old Bible study,". Matthew 6:33. this must be first, .... all the time. Amen.
  13. Johnny NL

    Nisan 17

    WOW....! and RE-WOW....!!! I heard about that before, but never dug into it. Something to do for this coming weekend. Anybody else have some data on that topic?
  14. Johnny NL

    KJV Paper Copy

    God is GOOD, God is GREAT, ...... Allllllllll the Time !!!!! Today, was a Wonderful day. Today I received one of my 2 Bibles. The Thompson Chain, Large Print, Red Letter. This is awesome for this coming weekend I will start my notes transferring, from the oldest one to this new one. AND...
  15. Johnny NL

    KJV Paper Copy

    Thanks..... Indeeeeeed ! can't wait anymore.....
  16. Johnny NL

    KJV Paper Copy

    Please, if you will,.... have a quick prayer, Bibles have been shipped, and crossed over Canada, DE-customized, but now here in Canada, we are having " Canada Post Scattered Strike Days" here and there, in different provinces, cities. I am worry now not to get them before...
  17. Johnny NL

    Hungarian Bible Modules

    Köszönöm Google Fordító És köszönöm az Úrnak a sokszínűséget ... Boldog legyen ...! Thank you Google translate And thank you LORD for diversity..... Be Blessed...!
  18. Johnny NL

    KJV Paper Copy

    Just a quick update...... CBP, has just finished to built my NEW 120RL Cameo/Thumb indexed, full yapp Bible, and It's been shipped today.!!! BUT, ... I couldn't help myself.... I also order a Thompson Chain/KJV, Ironed Calfskin which was also shipped today. A "RE-marking", "updating" my SS8...