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  1. marty

    Restoring my user made modules

    Your user modules are in the Documents/SwordSearcher User Modules folder on your computer. You can copy all the files in that folder to a disk, flash drive or memory stick and then when you're ready for them on the new computer, copy them back to the same folder. You may have to create the...
  2. marty

    Dr. Patrick Reilly

    I'll do it.
  3. marty

    StudyLampSoftware YouTube Channel

    The SutdyLampSoftware channel just popped up in YouTube (it's in my 'subscribed' list) and I saw the video on Passage Analysis. I've overlooked that most interesting tool - but no more! I get so set in my uses of SwordSearcher - the videos are are a great reminder of all the fantastic tools...
  4. marty

    User-submitted Chapter and Verse Numbers

    If you click on the drop-down selection arrow, you can choose it off the list. I think if you have specific Bibles selected for your tabs, this one won't show up unless you select it.
  5. marty

    User-submitted Chapter and Verse Numbers

    I can't quite visualize what you're trying to do. If we look at one thing at a time, I'm sure we can straighten it out. To start with, let's look at the stuck Edit mode. What exactly is the CVN module - is it a commentary module?
  6. marty

    User-submitted Chapter and Verse Numbers

    If you right-click on a verse, you can choose to copy the verse in the list of options that pop up - then when you paste the verse (or range of verses) into your module, the book, chapter and verse will be included. Does that answer your question?
  7. marty

    How do you uninstall / remove a book, commentary, and dictionary?

    You can delete user modules from within SwordSearcher - it's in the User menu.
  8. marty

    Copy and Paste

    I made a module so I could track the verses that I have highlighted. I use each color for a specific topic, like green for promises, blue for verses about Jesus and red for warnings, etc. I made a 'contents' page with the colors and what they stand for and an entry for each color. Whenever I...
  9. marty

    Separate entry for introduction to a chapter or book and the first verse

    When I used to do image mapping, I used a little program called "MapEdit" - it's very inexpensive. I still have it, but don't have a lot of use for it anymore, just for SwordSearcher projects. I think they have a free trial, and it's very easy to use.
  10. marty

    Taskbar cutting off display in Windows

    Is the taskbar on auto-hide? Sometimes a program will open full screen and not adjust for the taskbar. You might try putting the taskbar on auto-hide or taking it off auto-hide and see if that helps.
  11. marty

    Separate entry for introduction to a chapter or book and the first verse

    I'm happy that it's useful! You could copy and paste the code and then you wouldn't have to type it every time. You can copy the first code and paste it into each book, then go back and copy the second code and paste it in where you want to jump to in each book. It's fun to put code in and...
  12. marty

    Separate entry for introduction to a chapter or book and the first verse

    I looked through several of the Commentaries in SwordSearcher and didn't see any that had a separate Introduction or Outline to the Book, but when you're making your Commentary, you can insert a code that will let you jump to the first verse (or to a specific spot). In the Editor, you can click...
  13. marty

    Ten Ideas

    Number 5 is available now - go to File, Preferences and Settings, Fonts and Colors. You can even set colors and fonts for the individual panels. Lots of settings in Preferences and Settings.
  14. marty


    I like being able to highlight just part of a verse. Some verses contain warnings and promises together and I highlight warnings in red and promises in green. Sometimes a verse will include an attribute of God, Jesus or Holy Spirit and I highlight just that part in Their particular colors...
  15. marty


    I have a lot of wishes for the highlights system and am just waiting for the subject to come to a front burner. I used to keep a wish list, but don't know what happened to it so I'll have to start another! Maybe I'll make it into a book module so I won't lose it again. :)
  16. marty

    Big Picture Bible Study

    I wondered what the difference is. Great resource, Bill! Thanks!
  17. marty

    Mid-east Update Videos

  18. marty

    How do I Link to Images in User Module

    I have a test module with an asset folder called 33test-Assets and the code below pulled an image from there and put it in my module. I used this exact code, I didn't substitute "33test-Assets" where it says "{ModuleAssets}" - {ModuleAssets} is the code for 'look in the module name-Assets...
  19. marty

    Oh Lord, Our Lord - Marty Goetz

    I love this song! I listen to it to clear the world's blasphemies out of my ears. Catchy tune!
  20. marty

    Books and Dictionaries tab/history navigation

    I didn't know that there is a blog on! :D After I poked around some there, I see a lot of things on that site that I didn't know were there! Pretty cool, Brandon! I love the action of the images on, too, btw. Nicely done!