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    Make highlight type (color) "sticky" when editing user modules

    I'm sure you've got lots of things planned for highlighting, Brandon, but here is one that I think would not be hard to implement (how do I know?!), but would make my work easier. I often apply highlighting (usually yellow) in one of my user modules (Shift-Control-H or via menu "Format" > "Text...
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    Search for phrase anomaly

    Hi, Brandon and Friends on the forum. I'm wondering if what I'm seeing here is right, since I did not expect 1Sa 25:10 to be a hit when I searched for the phrase "many days". 1Sa 25:10 has "many servants now a days", but does not have "many days". There are other hits farther down the list that...
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    How to escape <characters> in Code Mode in User module?

    Hi, Brandon, I'm using a User Commentary to make an entry for every v. of the NT, then exporting it to make a Bible module via Forge. When I type the following in Code Mode in SwordSearcher v. 8.3 in a footnote in a user commentary, then the stuff between the < and > symbols does not show up...
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    Search only TITLES of ENTRIES (chapters) of Books and Commentaries

    I would find it useful if there were another option in the "Full Library Search" panel: "Find only in titles of entries". I just recently needed to find an entry in a user book. I knew a very common word was used in the title, but if I searched for that word, I'd also get lots of hits in the...
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    Best way to put PowerPoint presentation into user book

    Is there a good way to "embed" a PowerPoint presentation into a user book? I have a PP presentation full of Bible references that I'd love to do that with, both so the information is available in SS, and also so the links make it easier to see what the verses are talking about when I'm...
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    website fonts not rendering correctly: Firefox

    Hello, all, This is rather off-topic, but it affects On my Mac, some fonts are showing up as question marks inside of boxes. Any idea why? Thanks! Eric UPDATE: I found the solution: it's a Mac-only thing, I guess, and the solution is there...
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    Enhancement to English-Strong's Indexer

    The tool is wonderful as it is, but I think I have an idea or two that would make it even better. (1) How about if it could somehow chart out other ways a given word is translated in the KJV? E.g., you look up "Judas". How about a drop-down expansion triangle under "G2455" with a note "Also...
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    Ability to remove verse(s) from Verse List Panel list

    Hi, Brandon. I often copy stuff with references in it into the "Scan Text for Verse References" tool (Alt-F5). I love that tool! One thing that would make it more useful for me would be if I could highlight a verse (or contiguous or non-contiguous verses) and remove them from the list. What...
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    Compare verse lists for differences?

    I am wondering if there is a way to compare verse lists (results of searches) to see what the differences are (i.e., what references are included in one list but omitted from another). Example: if you search for "peace offering*" in the KJV, there are 84 hits in KJV, YLT, and NASB. Are they all...
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    "Export Verses to File" improvements

    When I use File > Export Verses to File, I find two things I think could be improved: (1) It always defaults to KJVSL, so I have to change it to KJV (otherwise I get the Strong's tags or when saved to HTML, question marks). (2) SwordSearcher does not remember the "Save to" path, so each time I...
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    Bug or intended: highlighting ampersand does more than that

    v. I ran across this detail today and it's not too important, but it may be worth mentioning. E.g., Heb 9:12 in Bish (Bishops) has an ampersand (&). If one highlights it alone, then everything up to it, but not including it is highlighted. After that I removed all hightlights from the...
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    Move highlights file from one computer to another

    Is this possible? If so, where is the highlights file stored so I can move it? What happened is that I had to take my laptop in for repairs and continue work on another machine that was backed up from the one in for repairs. I kept highlighting on the 2nd machine, and now that the repaired...
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    Show invisibles when editing a user module

    I would like it if in the Design mode there was an option to toggle on the invisible characters (spaces, hard returns, soft returns, etc.). Sometimes I need to clean things up and I struggle to see what's there. I do use code mode, but sometimes there is so much code in there that it would be...
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    2Ti 4:1 / English-Strong's Indexer (G2596 [κατα] as "at")

    Brandon, Seems to me something is amiss. KJVSL at 2Ti 4:1 shows that κατα (G2596) is translated "at" in the KJV. But the English-Strong's Indexer doesn't show that verse (nor does it show Ac 16:25 and Ro 9:9). Is this something I don't understand or is there a tagging or programming problem...
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    Code for double underline in user module code mode?

    Is there a code to double underline in code mode in the User Module Editor? I know there's no button for it, but I'm trying to find out if it's possible. I see that the codes for the single underline are <u>and</u>. I searched for HTML codes and CSS codes (not that I know the difference), but I...
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    Table (search) w/in range: original word, Strong's #, translation

    I would like to define a range of the KJVSL text and get a list of each underlying word used and its translations. Something like this (sorted by underlying word in the order of their first appearance in the range). Usually my range will be a chapter or, at most, a book. Attached is a screenshot...
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    Possible module: Translators Revived by Alexander McClure (1858)

    I think this would make an excellent module for SwordSearcher. It is biographies of the translators of the KJV. It's public domain and paper copies are available so the integrity of the text can be checked. I found it on-line here (except that the Forward appears to be a recent addition, not...
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    lock aspect ratio of image in user module?

    Is there way to lock the aspect ratio of an image you paste into a user module? I kept thinking some key combination would work, e.g., Ctrl + dragging the edges, but it doesn't.
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    What does "x" mean in Strong's? How to search Strong's for "x".

    I was interested in knowing what the "x" means in Strong's entries. Here is something I found at (I'm not endorsing the site, just quoting it): "X" is used to describe situations where the word in question appears with another word or in a...
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    Order in which books of Bible were written

    Does anyone know and be willing to share which (if any) resources in SwordSearcher might have authors' lists of the order in which they think the books of Bible were written? Thanks!