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  1. Truckerboy

    Your Prayers are needed for my Church Situation

    I am facing having to go and see the leaders at my church with quite a challenge, and need it to be thoroughly covered in prayer. We are a fellowship of around 80 members, plus around 40 who come and go on Sundays. We are an ageing congregation, and because we are situated in a fairly wealthy...
  2. Truckerboy

    The Giants of Genesis chapter 6

    I have decided to post my thoughts on the issue of the giants of Genesis chapter 6 because the subject has cropped up on at least a couple of occasions, in the "Exo Vaticana" thread (Coffee Table), and in "Does the Bible Really Say That?" (Bible, Doctrine, and Other Issues). There is no little...
  3. Truckerboy

    A Couple of Contentious Questions

    I have a couple of questions, with your answer to the first affecting whether you answer the second or not: 1.) Can Christians who are divorced remarry (i.e marry someone else)? 2.) Can a divorced man who re-marries continue as an elder?
  4. Truckerboy

    SS resources Copyright issues

    Brandon, I am currently running a 12-week Bible course at our fellowship, and have used a number of maps and charts from Swordsearcher, and want to include them in the written notes. There is a possibility of publishing these notes as a book at some stage in the future, and I am wondering if...
  5. Truckerboy

    Awkward Message to Preach

    I have been given a preaching opportunity at church next Sunday, 3 June, to share something which the Lord has burdened me with. the message is based on Isaiah 28, looking at the problem of treating the Word of God with disdain, and its consequences. As such I will be speaking against...
  6. Truckerboy

    Urgent Prayers for Liz, please

    Your prayers are urgently needed for Liz, a good friend of mine. She has been in a lot of pain for quite some time, with the painkillers causing blockages in the alimentary system. Things are further complicated as she has myeloma, as it may well be the cause of the pain. She has been...
  7. Truckerboy

    Urgent Prayer Request

    I urgently need your prayers for my work situation (yet again!). A week and a half ago I drove my lorry into a security barrier, at very low speed. It was minor accident, but this morning (Saturday) I received a letter informing me that I am to attend a disciplinary hearing wher I am to be...
  8. Truckerboy

    Look at this!!!

    I had this Youtube Link sent to me today via Facebook, and think it is brilliant! Hope it works!
  9. Truckerboy

    Great News!

    Great News everybody! My daughter Naomi got baptised today! She is 17, and has recently emerged from a period of bullying at her senior school. A great deal of prayer has gone into her situation, which caused her to ask why God was putting her through such a tough experience, but she has come...
  10. Truckerboy

    Prayer for my church situation - update

    Great news - my family and I have been able to commit to the fellowship which we have been attending for some time. Thanks for your prayers. You may remember that we met with the pastor, but that he had avoided answering a number of our concerns, so I put them all down on paper. The issues were...
  11. Truckerboy

    Prayer for my church situation

    I would greatly value your prayer support for my family over the next few days with respect to a meeting which my wife, Veronica, and myself have with the pastor of the church which we are attending at the moment. We will be meeting him and his wife next Sunday evening, (10th May) We have been...
  12. Truckerboy

    Prayer for my work situation

    As you may guess from my ID I am a truck driver by profession and work over here in the UK. I have been working for my current company for nearly 3 years, but in the last few months the situation has become very, very difficult. My work involves delivering plaster-based products for the...