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  1. Ruthlyn

    Becoming a Freemasonary as a Christian.

    Interesting discussions indeed...
  2. Ruthlyn

    Becoming a Freemasonary as a Christian.

    Here is a great sermon by Dr. H.T. Spence on the topic, just click on the title it should take you to the download for the sermon. Please give it a listen. The Christian and Secret Societies
  3. Ruthlyn

    Editor upgrade to the Sword Searcher Program

    You can try Foundations Bible Collegiate Church. I listen to Dr. H.T. Spence, here's the link to his sermons from the Foundations Bible College website: Sermons by Dr. H.T. Spence Of course there are other preachers there you can explore, but it's all audios no videos.
  4. Ruthlyn

    How do you remember the order of the books of the Bible?

    Yep, those are the exact songs!!! So Bill has saved everyone's ears you all don't have to hear me try to sing them for you. 😄
  5. Ruthlyn

    How do you remember the order of the books of the Bible?

    Actually I learned them from listening to children's gospel songs singing out the books of the Old and New Testaments 😄!! Now because I'm teaching a pre-primary Sunday school class it has REALLY been cemented, but I initially learned from singing them 😉.
  6. Ruthlyn

    A Common Goal (purchasing SS for others)

    I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! I too have purchased SS for a missionary and an adult Sunday School teacher over the years to help them in their ministry to study the Word of God. 👍☺
  7. Ruthlyn

    No BDB or Thayers?

    Really, I agree with all of you 😉!
  8. Ruthlyn

    English to Hebrew/Greek Analysis

    I heartily agree because I've kinda been wanting something like this but didn't know how to go about it. Really thanks a bunch for asking Ken!! 😁
  9. Ruthlyn

    Mid-east Update Videos

    Thought provoking. How we need to take heed in these last days!
  10. Ruthlyn

    User-submitted Similies in the Bible

    Thanks Bill 🙂
  11. Ruthlyn

    Lamentations 2

    Ditto!!! You come up with SUCH interesting, mind and heart opening information Bill. Thanks
  12. Ruthlyn

    No BDB or Thayers?

    Amen in agreement to all that was said. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you brother. God bless.
  13. Ruthlyn

    User-submitted S.C. Adams Syncronological Chart

    Wow! This is amazing! Thanks Bill, you do come up with some great stuff 🙂
  14. Ruthlyn

    God's words in blue.

    Yes, but this concept is having God the Father's words in another color ☺… at least that's the idea I got 🤔… however I am not particularly fond of e-sword though, tried it once and deleted it.
  15. Ruthlyn

    God's words in blue.

    Oh, ok. :)
  16. Ruthlyn

    God's words in blue.

    Nice, but I don't have e-sword 🤷
  17. Ruthlyn

    God's words in blue.

    Interesting concept 🧐 but I don't know of any such Bible 🤷‍♀️. I also would like that, so ditto the question.
  18. Ruthlyn

    What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

  19. Ruthlyn

    KJV Dictionary and Grammar

    Thanks for sharing.