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  1. marty

    "God of Wonder"

    Have you seen "God of Wonder"? It's worth a look! It's in SD format and is getting harder to find as time goes by, but will cheer your heart. Here's a link to take a look:
  2. marty

    StudyLampSoftware YouTube Channel

    The SutdyLampSoftware channel just popped up in YouTube (it's in my 'subscribed' list) and I saw the video on Passage Analysis. I've overlooked that most interesting tool - but no more! I get so set in my uses of SwordSearcher - the videos are are a great reminder of all the fantastic tools...
  3. marty

    Oh Lord, Our Lord - Marty Goetz

    I love this song! I listen to it to clear the world's blasphemies out of my ears. Catchy tune!
  4. marty

    Newsletter's Features Videos

    Thanks for another great Newsletter! I get so stuck on using a certain group of tools and forget to look at other ones! If I knew about the Continuous Commentary View toggle before, I had forgotten it... if I didn't know about it, I do now! And I'll be using Williams' Exhaustive Concordance...
  5. marty

    Oh, Boy! A Song to Lift Your Heart

  6. marty

    Verse Popups

    How long have the Verse Popups been here in the forum? They are delightful! I just noticed them this morning with all the verse references Mobi posted. :)
  7. marty

    Features, Features, Features!

    I love the versatility and all the many features of SwordSearcher! Brandon, thank you for the hours and hours you've spent creating and fine tuning SwordSearcher - this program has enriched and deepened my Bible study no end! I feel like before SS I was peeking through a keyhole - SwordSearcher...
  8. marty

    The Jesus Bell

    I inherited my grandmother's Bible, which had several old tracts inside. This is one of them. I shared it here a long time ago, but it needs to be aired out again...
  9. marty

    SwordSearcher Newsletter

    Another GREAT Newsletter! There are so many terrific features in SwordSearcher - what an awesome program!
  10. marty

    Outlines of the Books of the Bible

    Wow, Brandon! What a neat feature! Thanks for the heads up - - as I didn't see this Book. It will be one of my go-to Books from now on! :)
  11. marty

    SwordSearcher Newsletter

    Thanks for another great Newsletter, Brandon! What a nice way to learn about SwordSearcher features that we might be overlooking! This one about how to use the TSK is really helpful. I used to study this way with my paper Bible - SwordSearcher...
  12. marty

    House Sale

    Hi praying buddies! I'm selling my AZ house and would appreciate your prayers that it goes quickly and well. Lots of stress raising issues, and though I've put it in His hands, I still have to make decisions and am presented with less than desirable options. Please pray that I detect and follow...
  13. marty

    Great Newsletter

    Another great Newsletter, Brandon! As it happens, I ran across a verse this morning that had me confused, so it was very timely! I always learn something from your newsletters. Thanks for faithfully putting them out! :)
  14. marty

    User-submitted Grandmother's Bible

    marty submitted a new module: Grandmother's Bible - Tracts found in Grandmother's Bible Read more about this module...
  15. marty


    Thanks for the Newsletters, Brandon! I always see something that I forgot about or didn't know about. Love the info on the Concordance View for search results that you highlighted in the last one. I had forgotten about it, and I really like that feature! :)
  16. marty

    This is sweeeet!

    I've gotten a nice surprise - In the editor, when I have a list of verses and with my cursor on the first verse, if I use Ctrl T to add the text, it puts the verse text on all of the verses listed (whether the list is vertical or horizontal), until it runs into some text - other than a comma...
  17. marty

    Traveling Safety

    I'm going to try to get on the road tomorrow or the next day for Idaho and would appreciate if you would all keep me in mind this week, please. Thanks!!!
  18. marty

    God's Selling Power

    Hi guys! I've decided to sell my Arizona house and would like to ask for you to join me in asking our Father to sell it quick. He will bring the right person to my door. I'm overwhelmed at all the things to be done here before it's ready for the For Sale sign to be posted. I need a clear...
  19. marty

    Newsletter 9/2/15

    :) What a great Newsletter, Brandon! I learned two things that I didn't know about SwordSearcher. :) Are your Newsletters posted online or are the available through email only?
  20. marty

    Idaho/Oregon Wildfires

    Hello Prayer Warriors! There are some monster wildfires in Idaho and Oregon right now. The 'Soda Fire' is over 265,000 acres and only 10% contained. Ranches and livestock are being burned up. Homes are going up. Wildlife is being burned. Know you'll pray with us that God will take a hand with...