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  1. terrpn

    One Gospel Throughout The Bible

    Howdy folks............ I am sure we have those here who believe the one gospel of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is what saved people throughout the OT-NT, in general, ultimately at 1 point this is true. I find folks who cannot rightly divide their Bible, accept...
  2. terrpn

    Author John H. Walton

    Hey Guys............Has anybody read any of John H. Walton's stuff? Outside of him not relying on the KJV as his "Final Authority" I was just curious if anyone read any of his many books where you were able to chew up the meat and spit out the bones? He has written a lot in regards to Genesis...
  3. terrpn


    I apologize as I initially put this in the wrong thread.....:( Would be nice if it was possible have custom zoom vs predefined levels?
  4. terrpn

    SS8.1.1.42 Update Windows 7 Issues

    SwordSearcher-8.0-to- I downloaded the above upgrade and it installed flawlessly on my Windows 10 machine, however my Windows 7 machine which I have alongside and I use as my dedicated Bible, Sword Searcher, etc. machine it will not install and I get an error message? What...
  5. terrpn

    Orlando, Homosexuality

    You know guys..........and this not a bash session on homosexuals even though the lifestyle is contrary to scripture, however Jesus Christ died for lost sinners, which LGBT people are included. Christ sat down with Publicans and sinners. Have you ever considered that it wasn't just that God...
  6. terrpn

    User-submitted Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament

    terrpn submitted a new module: Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament - Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament Read more about this module...
  7. terrpn

    User-submitted SAL

    terrpn submitted a new module: SAL - Salvation scriputurally Supported, etc. Read more about this module...
  8. terrpn

    User-submitted ChrIsCp

    terrpn submitted a new module: ChrIsCp - Christianity-Islam Compared Read more about this module...
  9. terrpn


    thanks for the latest quick tip video on the Commentary Panel- now i know:cool:
  10. terrpn

    Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary [PHC] [Deluxe]

    I currently have the Deluxe Version, but do not find the PHC commentary? Did I do not something right? Also......I have never upgraded on-line before without ordering the CD. Can I just order and download the newest upgrade? Thanks:)
  11. terrpn

    5 Words

    We need a post........ "5" as you know in scripture means death, but also grace 1 Corinthians 14:19 Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. John 3:7 Marvel not that I...
  12. terrpn

    Bible Audio

    When opening SS and clicking anywhere inside the Bible Panel module the audio begins and oes not want to stop
  13. terrpn

    Scan Text Panel

    is there a way i can independently change the "background color" in the scan text for verses panel?
  14. terrpn

    Hebrew Old Testament Module

    have we ever made a module of the Hebrew Old Testament...........?
  15. terrpn

    Training Video's

    thanks brandon for the training video's you have been posting lately. i did not know as much as i thought i did on some and they are easy read, follow and to understand. great job............ happy "Memorial Day" to everybody wes us navy (medically) retired
  16. terrpn

    Verse Widgets

    anyway possible down the road where the user can have the option of adding a couple more widgets in addition to the 3 provided?
  17. terrpn

    Problem Creating User Module

    ok...........i would be the first one to admit i need to learn forgeo_O so after seeing one of bill's latest and greatest i hunted through my stuff and am trying to create another module. i am assuming smaller modules are not that big of a deal, but when you get into creating a "larger size...
  18. terrpn


    any chance adding a pm (private message) feature to the forum where one member could pm another member?
  19. terrpn

    Modules- Image Flexibility

    would it be possible to add when making user modules more flexibility when inserting images? it would be nice if there was an easier way after inserting an image to have more freedom to place freehand where desired, maybe paragraph or text, etc. spacing, borders and so forth. that is probably...
  20. terrpn

    User-submitted The Gospel in Ezekiel- by Thomas Guthrie, D.D

    terrpn submitted a new module: The Gospel in Ezekiel- by Thomas Guthrie, D.D - The Message of the Gospel in Ezekiel Read more about this module...