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  1. Johnny NL

    Side by Side... by Side !

    Hi Sir, is there a future possibility to have a Bible side by side... by side.??? I mean, 3 Bibles side by side. I have reach that Level ! ! ! Lolll 😁📕📗📘 Thanks..... 👍👍👍
  2. Johnny NL

    Audio Bible.

    Mr. Staggs, ... Would there be a way to have the Audio Bible, running in the back ground, as we "search and Study...? Instead of having music, if we could have Scripture being read by our SS8.4 Audio Bible. (low volume.) It would be awesome. 🤔...
  3. Johnny NL

    OT and NT quotes.

    Any one knows how/where in SS8, I could find New Testament verses, that are actually Old Testament quotes? Specially when Paul is quoting verses from the Old Testament. I am driving in the "fog" for that one.... 🤔...
  4. Johnny NL


    . Every body is looking up for the Rapture. Jesus Christ HIMSELF coming down on clouds and pick us up..... Can't wait for this Blessed Hope. People are trying to put a date, a time, a period for this to come. (Which I'm not !) BUT........ As the Bride of the LORD, we are exited, ready, hoping...
  5. Johnny NL

    Quick Concordance.

    Woaaah !!!! QC is some fast draw.! ! ! ! This is really fast.... and nice ! OK.... This is really really a wonderful feature. Ya'all check the QC settings !! ____ I can't believe it...! What an 8.4 Update !!!
  6. Johnny NL

    8.4 Training Video

    Is there a training video coming up about all the "New" features of SS 8.4 ?
  7. Johnny NL

    Verse guide panel 8.4 color

    Quick first thing... the Verse Guide panel not "colorable" it stays white no matter what. (Little detail.)
  8. Johnny NL


    SwordSearcher's "External" material. -Of course I wanna talk about the "SwordSearcher's News Letter". I was Praying, and wondering; "what could I do more" for the Lord??? Welllllllll, guess what? The answer came pretty fast. BAM!!! Voilà!!! The SwordSearcher News Letter comes in this...
  9. Johnny NL


    I am at a point in my studying that I would like to have more bookmarks than 10. Would it be possible to have more of them? I already set up a commentary that I called "Bookmarks", which works fine. So this request is more like a suggestion, than a request, but it would be nice.... Thanks!
  10. Johnny NL

    New Format

    Wow...!!! I like the NEW Blog format.... 👍😏
  11. Johnny NL

    Rightly Dividing Topic.

    Here is a very "instructive video" on Rightly Dividing the WORD OF GOD. Which begin with 2 Timothy 2:15 Here enjoy, this is a Great vid..... !
  12. Johnny NL

    Bookmarks Ctrl + #

    As I am getting more used to "keyboard short cuts", I found out that the bookmarks short cuts is not working. I do have 8 bookmarks, and when I try to: " Ctrl+8" it does not bring my Bible panel to my 8th bookmark. and i did check for my Bible panel to be active.....🤷‍hmm...? Anyone else get this ?
  13. Johnny NL


    Would it be a future possibility of having Enoch's book in SS8? thanks
  14. Johnny NL

    KJV Paper Copy

    is it possible to have a custom made KJV Bible, with my specs? Does anyone know a good website, where i could get that kind of Bible?(Paper copy, of course.) I need to RE-write Allllll my notes from SS8, in my paper version. That's why the wide margin, and large print. (I need room) I looked...
  15. Johnny NL

    The Scan Text for Verse References Tool

    Just a quick ??? on that tool: The Scan Text for Verse References Tool What a wonderful tool!!!. I suggest ya'all that haven't tried it yet, should...!!! This tool is SO wonderful. I did watch the video back when it came out, maybe few times even, but really never "used" it as per say. ( I...
  16. Johnny NL

    Module Repository

    WOW!!!!!! Thank you very much for that News Letter. (Check list of all books/commentaries.) I am going through ALLLLLL the inventory, to make sure I got them all. Guess what???..... I am making back up @ 3 different places, a flash drive, an WD external drive, and a 3rd one; WD My Passport that...
  17. Johnny NL

    Panic, Panic, Panic....

    Lol... I just re-settled my PC, and re-load SS5, with my licensed serial #, and now trying to load SS 8.2.1, and asked me , my serial number, which I provided (SS5 #) , and it does not work. It tells me that the serial # is not valid....:( What can I do please. ??? (Also I tried my email link to...
  18. Johnny NL

    Highlights and notes transfer.

    Is there a way to transfer/apply, all my notes and highlights from my KJV Bible to KJV-TSK, simultaneously?
  19. Johnny NL video: Bottles, wine skins, and phony King James Bibles: This HOW great is this website and it's owner. NOBODY preach that much info, in such a short period. Because of SwordSearcher and AV1611, I NOW am sure which right text to use, to study. ANY other version than KJV1611 , is to...
  20. Johnny NL

    Ostervald version.

    I know I brought this up before; but is there a possible near future for an Ostervald Version? Which is the "french" version of the KJV. Thanks.