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    Obeying Mark.1:27----- mark. 4:41.

    The unclean spirits obey [him]. The winds and seas obey him. Peter said we ought to obey God rather then. Why? Gen. 22.18 when we do not hold back there is great blessing we will enjoy from his hand.
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    The right clothing to have for the journey. Mark.6.8

    1. A staff 2.a coat 3.some sandles. Staff holds up and wards off. Moses had. Staff in was picture of the power of the lord he has given us the same thing he has not left us to our self. In johns gospel he said he would come to us for ever praise the lord for that where we would be without hid...
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    Where we are! Mark.6.35

    A desert place, a desert is barren place usually little or no water hardly any life if any bararen. What a picture of the World it has nothing to sustain us or give us to satisfy us barren of life. Ah! But the lord gives them bread for there need in that desert place he looks up to heaven...
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    Pursuit. Mark. 1.39

    pursuit a goal a objective to aim for my occupation. Mark. 1.37 there aim and goal there occupation was to see him, that's all that counted for these people. We who are the people of God should do no less. Lord help us to aim for things that are above not of the things of wood hey stumble. May...
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    Wanting and willing. Mark,10.17-22

    look at this man he came running to him,and kneeling before him wanting something. From the lord. What happened he was not willing to give up what the lord asked of him. [ one thing thou lackest ] just one thing from enjoying the bless of God. A ?. For all of us what one thing keeps us back from...
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    Putting everything in its right place. Mark. 3.35

    Doing the will of God. How is it done? Eph. 6.6 from the heart, that's where it begines. As. Man thinks so is he, think on these things. Putting are a right heart in the right place not I but Christ. Why? John 12.23-25 it brings froth something to us and those around us. May the lord give us a...
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    Mark. 3.9

    he speaks to them for a purpose. The lord has purposes for us are we eager to listen for them. They wait for him for that purpose are we willing to hear and wait for this purpose. May we be willing to have a heart to hear and wait for the masters use that he might get glory in what his purpose...
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    Can I

    down load any mod. On my iPad?
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    How does

    One become a active member?
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    i am praying about moving down south to help with a small chapel there, would like prayer if this is the will of God he would open the doors. Thanks numbers 6. 23-24
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    how can i use on my

    is there any way to put the new 7.1 on a ipad thanks.
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    prayer on what is ahead of me.

    i have a knee op. coming up, and would like prayer for that and what the lors has in mind after this thanks.