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    CMRB, RRB Module Possibilities

    Is there any possibility that the Common Man's Reference Bible and/or Ruckman's Reference Bible will ever be available as paid modules? I see that CMRB is available as a paid module in Bible Analyzer; that kind of gave me hopes that we'll see it soon in SS.
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    Print Study Bible

    This is going to sound like a very odd question but to get straight to the point; Does anyone know how I might be able to print my own study bible? I have neurological issues with my hands that prevent me from writing legibly so I have all of the notes I'd previously written in my bible...
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    English to Hebrew/Greek Analysis

    Is there a way to see how many times an English word is translated into all the various forms of the Hebrew/Greek source? For instance, if I do a word search on "evil" I can see that it appears 613 times in the bible and the passage analysis gives fantastic insight as to where it's used. What...
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    Scrollable Highlighting

    I really like the way the verses are highlighted during audio mode and the highlight moves continually to the verse that is being read. Are there any settings so that I could move the highlighting as I'm reading? It would be nice if there was a way to make the up/down arrows move the...
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    Big Picture Bible Study

    I have three two asset folders; BPD101-Assets and BPS-Assets. Both of these appear to be related to the Big Picture Bible Study. I have one ss5book named BPD101.ss5book. Can you confirm that the latest version of the Big Picture Bible Study is the latest version. The has a...
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    One Hundred Bible Lessons (Alban Douglas)

    Brandon, I submitted a user module of Alban Douglas' bible lessons... I saw several instances of it on the internet in html and pdf formats but in light of the fact that it's also for sale on Amazon I'm not sure of the legalities of sharing it. I hope I can share it with the community but again...
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    Failed Attempts with SSForge

    I have an ebook that I converted to html using Calibre which leaves me with the file structure shown below. I then tried the following: 1. I imported the index.html with Forge but that resulted in an empty ss5book file. 2. I then manually created a book module by following the instructions...
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    How do I Link to Images in User Module

    I have a commentary that I converted from epub to HTML that I've turned into a user book module. There are several images in an image folder; the associated links in the html source manifest as follows: <img src="images/00004.jpeg" alt="" class="calibre2" /> I created a folder called BBC-Assets...
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    Books and Dictionaries tab/history navigation

    A slightly different request, but one that touches on SS remembering previous actions, is the ability to remember which topic you last visited within a book. If I go to one of the books I created and select an entry as follows... If I then switch to a different book. ...and after that go...
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    Any Thoughts about Way of Life Literature?

    Other than the "Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity Things Hard to be Understood" which can be purchased as a SS module, does anyone have any thoughts to share about Way of Life Literature? I'm particularly interested to know what others may think of the bible study series...
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    Bible Window Column Width

    I really like the verse widgets but find myself not taking full advantage of them because they affect the line spacing. I personally like keeping the line spacing as tight as possible so I end up using fewer verse widgets than I might. Below you'll see that I've engaged four widgets and they all...
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    Layout Management

    I have a few different layouts configured, one of which is a simple two panel, side by side layout. In the left panel are the Bibles and in the right panel are the Books and Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Verse Guide in that order left to right. Whenever I perform a search, the search...
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    One Book Rightly Divided (Prophetic Edition)

    I just got Stauffer's new publication "One Book Rightly Divided (Prophetic Edition)" in the mail yesterday. Any possibility that the current module stauOBRD will be updated in the next release? Or will there potentially be a second module with the new edition so that both are available? Thanks...
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    Sentence Diagramming

    I'd love the ability to do sentence diagramming within SS. Have you ever considered this for any future updates? Thanks for a great product.
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    Trimming the Trees

    Brandon, I've been playing with the bible trees more and thought you might consider the ability to trim (cut) off some of the branches that may not be pertinent to a particular study. For instance, in the example below one might trim all of the branches except THY GOD, OUR GOD, YOUR GOD, THEIR...
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    Default Font Size in Editor

    I have SS installed on a desktop (Win 7) and a laptop (Win 10). On my desktop when I open the editor to add to my personal commentary the font size defaults to "Medium" but on my laptop the drop-down showing the font size is always blank so I have to select the size I want. I suspect that...
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    Cutting my teeth on Forge

    So I've been trying to familiarize myself with Forge and I get the general concept of how I need to markup a commentary to sync the commentaries for each verse with the selected bible verse. How would I handle any introductory comments for a bible book or chapter that's part of the commentary?
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    Forge How-to Videos

    I really appreciate the newsletters and all the videos showing how to get the most out of SS. I would really like to see some videos on how to use Forge. I have some commentaries in an electronic format and I'd love to convert them into SS modules to aid in bible study. Any chance that you might...
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    Thanks for the Newsletters!!

    I always learn something from the newsletters you send. I didn't realize how much could be done with the word clouds. What a fantastic study aid. Ditto for the passage analysis. I have purchased a lot of software over the years, most of it work related. I can honestly say that SS is, hands down...
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    History Trail

    While the Forward and Back buttons are convenient to move to the previous or next reference, it would be nice to have a drop down list that would store all of the visited references for a given session. This would allow one to easily navigate to a bible location that was visited several...