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  1. TerriP

    What I love about SwordSearcher

    Ken, I wonder if this information in Mr. Curtis' comments above: "...Another way I use SwordSearcher, is with another software called NaturalReaders (It's free!). What I will do is, "Copy All" from a chapter in a book module then paste it into NaturalReaders Text-To-Speech software and click...
  2. TerriP

    What are you studying right now?

    Good morning, Ruthlyn! I am studying Genesis, mostly using my Expositor's Study Bible, Jimmy Swaggart Commentaries, and commentaries in SwordSearcher, all of which are a huge blessing to get as deeply as possible into His Word and Truth! I am taking my time (working full time job, too) and it's...
  3. TerriP

    Module Discussion - this is a doozy

    Okay, thanks a heap, Brandon.
  4. TerriP

    Module Discussion - this is a doozy

    I would like to download this module J. Vernon McGee ...but I'm scared! I've got modules all over the place (I think this happened when I got a new computer last year and tried to move files over from...
  5. TerriP

    Isaiah 2:4

    Truckerboy! Oh my, I haven't seen you for like ever! I hope all is well with you. God Bless you real good! Anyway in regards to this post and my original comments, I am certainly not suggesting anything like socialism or any other political ideology. I believe with all my heart what Jesus said...
  6. TerriP

    User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials

    Okay, that file folder "C:\Users\Terri\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules" is empty. My files are in this folder: C:\Users\Terri\OneDrive\Pictures\PICTURES 2\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules So the BPS101-Assets and the BPS101.ss5book I copied and pasted the zip file to that first folder...
  7. TerriP

    User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials

    Okay, I downloaded it into the same folder all my other ssbooks are, unzipped it, but when I open SS I don't see it under books. What am I doing wrong?!! Thank you.
  8. TerriP

    Isaiah 2:4

    Isaiah 2:4 "And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." I just started s study of Isaiah and after...
  9. TerriP

    Nisan 17

    Thank you, Bill. I don't know what you just said up there, "360^8 or 2.8211810820" and all that, but supposedly their report of the calculation "one in 783 quadrillion..." came from one of the books by Robert W. Faid, which include: A Scientific Approach to Christianity A Scientific...
  10. TerriP

    Nisan 17

    Thank you for your comments, Hmlss and Johnny NL. If you do get into a study of this please come back here to this post and let us know. I will, too. If this can be verified by Holy Scripture, if this is Truth, 1: I am not surprised; and 2: it is far beyond "very interesting." Thanks again...
  11. TerriP

    Nisan 17 My pastor was teaching on Noah and the flood the other day - he mentioned just three momentous events in Scripture that culminated on Nisan 17, so I did some digging and found this website. Turns out...
  12. TerriP

    Forever Settled

    The chart I saved and printed out, thank you. I saved the link and downloaded the pdf of the book but I decided I'd like the book itself so I have ordered it from Amazon - you can order a hard cover or soft cover there. There's another book by D. A. Waite "Defending the King James Bible" - it...
  13. TerriP

    More versions, please!

    I know, I kind of scared myself :)
  14. TerriP

    More versions, please!

    Correction! (I think!) I don't remember why I wrote "Smith"... It was certainly not in reference to William Smith, i.e., founder of Mormonism. When re-reading my original post after Johnny NL replied (thank you, Johnny) I wondered, "Smith?" so I looked everywhere on my bookshelves for a book...
  15. TerriP

    More versions, please!

    If I am reading your comment correctly, did you really say that you would like to read other versions that are NOT God's Word etc., is that correct? I am kind of flabbergasted at this statement, which is why I hope I am reading it wrong. "In order to be educated..." Look, and I say this with...
  16. TerriP

    A Hallelujah Christmas

    The link in the original post (12/30/2012) is no longer valid. Here is the updated link to this beautiful worship song on youtube:
  17. TerriP

    Keyboard Toggle for KJV-TSK refrence results list panel

    By the way - nice Word cloud :)
  18. TerriP

    Final Fight Bible Radio

    OIC. Well, I did look his name up on the internet but could not find if there was any relation. But boy, what a testimony! Check this out! God is good! And brother, I got my own testimony - the Big One - then testimonies, plural, on a daily basis...!