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  1. RevTim

    by Jesus Christ, and God the Father

    I have been a believer and servant of the Lord for over 30 years, including serving as a pastor. Yes, I'm familiar. Have read and re-read the Scriptures multiple times, and learned something new each time.
  2. RevTim

    Becoming a Freemasonary as a Christian.

    Amen. Keep at it!
  3. RevTim

    Becoming a Freemasonary as a Christian.

    I re-read what you wrote here, brother, and it reminded me of Freemasonry and the Great White Throne judgment (web site source linked) This is what you hear, when you are presented with your Masonic apron: (Nevada Ritual, pages 25 & 26): "My Brother, I now present you this lambskin or...
  4. RevTim

    by Jesus Christ, and God the Father

    Apparently you think me ignorant of the Scriptures. I'm not. But I have become convinced of my position from my years of personal study. You are free to disagree - and clearly you do - and you are welcome to what you believe. Please allow me to my belief? Without trying to club me into...
  5. RevTim

    Side by Side... by Side !

    Wouldn't floating Bible windows do the trick?
  6. RevTim

    Logos 8 v. Swordsearch

    Sounds like what I had in Seminary - homiletics and hermenutics. :)
  7. RevTim

    by Jesus Christ, and God the Father

    Matthias was chosen by lots. Paul was chosen by Jesus directly. Therefore I view him as Judas's replacement. But Jesus chose all His apostles directly. That is what I have believed, taught & preached for 30 years. I do understand some will disagree, and that's fine. But that is my reasoning and...
  8. RevTim

    by Jesus Christ, and God the Father

    Amen. This is why I believe Paul was Judas's replacement - he was directly chosen by Christ.
  9. RevTim

    by Jesus Christ, and God the Father

    Do you believe in the Trinity? If you do, then you realize that the Father, Son & Holy Spirit are three distinct personalities, but one and the same God almighty. But most of the time all three are not referred to at the same time / in the same verse. The whole verse is, Galatians 1:1 Paul...
  10. RevTim

    User-submitted Valera 1602 Purificada

    Have you an English translation of the description?
  11. RevTim

    Im planning on purchasing a RCA Cambio tablet with Windows 10.

    This sounds like a job for Brandon: Hint: Click here ;)
  12. RevTim

    KJV version

    You might be interested in visiting Brandon's excellent King James information page here.
  13. RevTim

    I shall yet praise Him!

    Psalm 42:1-5 To the chief Musician, Maschil, for the sons of Korah. As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. 2 My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God? 3 My tears have been my meat day and night, while...
  14. RevTim

    "Rejoice before Him!"

    Psalm 68:1-4 To the chief Musician, A Psalm [or] Song of David. Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. 2 As smoke is driven away, [so] drive [them] away: as wax melteth before the fire, [so] let the wicked perish at the presence of God. 3 But...
  15. RevTim

    Psalm 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

    Amen & amen & amen!!
  16. RevTim

    Question about Forge

    Well, that squashes that idea! Thanks.
  17. RevTim

    Question about Forge

    Can you import a PDF doc and will it create a book from that?
  18. RevTim

    Be encouraged today

    "Give me Jesus" ~ Fernando Ortego
  19. RevTim

    Odd problem

    Wow. I ain't no expert, but never had that happen. That would be weird to have happen, and I suppose a bit flustering. Glad you got it all right side up.
  20. RevTim

    Call me late to the party...

    I know there was a lot of discussions about audio Bible issues over time. Now I have a dramatized King James as my audio, and I guess I came to understand that the audio was better synched to Scourby's version. So I just never gave a thought to trying the shift-click option to have the audio...