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    Somehow I entirely missed the whole doctrine of dispensationalism. That makes no sense to me other than it was meant to be. Discovering it now makes so much of the past make more sense. I wonder if people I have listened to had studied the doctrine itself or were merely repeating teachings that...
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    KJV in SS vs KJV in Logos

    Logos is having a 20% off sale. They have hidden the $100.00 version of Fundamentals on the site and even off my wishlist, but I googled it and found it through a backdoor and got it for $80.00. Having my wishlist messed with bothers me! In the past, I have used the free basic version mostly as...
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    Dead Mentors. Do you have one?

    I found this youtube video interesting. The pastor says that everyone should have a dead mentor. What do you think about that? Do you have one? He chose Jonathan Edwards and posted this very interesting video about Jonathan Edwards notetaking system is that is as relevant today as it was...
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    Hardcopy vs SwordSearcher vs other software

    If you use an assortment of hardcopy, SwordSearcher, and other software; why do you use the formats that you do for each resource?
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    What are you studying right now?

    I am planning to work through Groom's Genesis to Revelations, and started the first lesson, Doctrine of the New Birth, at bbnradio. Doctrine of the New Birth lines up with the first Navigators memory verses. Is anyone studying anything they want to talk about?
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    Survey Courses

    Are there any Bible survey courses included? Something like William Groom's Genesis to Revelation Lesson one of this course is all over the place, and it would be so much easier to click rather...