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  1. Jerry

    Single Click in a verse

    Right now in the Bible Pane you can double-click a verse reference to change focus to that verse. The verse becomes highlighted, and all of the book and commentary tabs change color accordingly. I was curious if there would be a way to have this functionality via a mouse single-click instead of...
  2. Jerry

    Result Map

    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but when I click on the "Result Map" link in my search results, nothing happens. Or at least nothing I can see. I didn't find a reference to it in the help and was curious what it did. Thanks. Jerry
  3. Jerry

    NET Bible now available for SwordSearcher

    I have been working with the last year and have converted their NET Bible and NET Commentary Notes to SwordSearcher. You can find the free version, which includes the NET translation and notes for the first chapter in each book here: Or you can purchase the...
  4. Jerry

    Editing modules created by Forge

    I just noticed that I am unable to edit modules that were created by Forge. Is that right? It seems like you should be able to edit your own Forge-created modules inside SS. Maybe I'm missing something? Jerry
  5. Jerry

    Bible comparison

    Just adding to my wish list for future SS features... A more robust Bible comparison mode, like the ability to compare more than one Bible. And perhaps more of a "table" look-n-feel so that it is easier to compare verses side-by-side. Jerry
  6. Jerry

    Help me not be annoyed

    When I first start SwordSearcher, there is an empty Search results pane in the bottom left corner. I don't want that pane there if there's nothing in it! :( So the first thing I do is manually close it, which annoys me each time I have to do it. Next thing you know, I'm kicking the dog...
  7. Jerry

    Implemented! Verse Guide suggestion

    I love the Verse Guide, one of the most useful tools ever, and only a handful of Bible software products have something similar. Even then, no one does it faster than SS. Anyways, right now the results for books are ordered alphabetically by the chapter heading. It would be even more useful...
  8. Jerry

    Extending Forge

    Brandon - I could be wrong, but I believe at one time you mentioned possibly enhancing Forge to import ThML files directly. Along the same lines is the SWORD project at SWORD modules are open source and can be used freely in any Bible software that supports...
  9. Jerry

    Bible Software Review

    Hey Guys - I've just spent the last six months reviewing nearly every single Bible software package on the planet (with a few noted exceptions). I'm a real fan of Bible software, and really enjoy testing out various packages to see who is doing what. It was a huge effort, and I thought...
  10. Jerry website available

    I have maintained for some time as a repository for 3rd party SwordSearcher modules. The domain expires on January 16 and unfortunately I am unable to upkeep the website anymore. So, I am making it available for anyone who wants to take it over and can...
  11. Jerry

    New and Updated modules at

    Ok, here's what's new at (next time I'll try to think up of an even longer website name). These are organized by the menu option they are located in from the main page. COMMENTARIES - Testimony of Jesus Christ (Updated - latest release). Don't forget to...
  12. Jerry

    Topic & Verse Guide topics

    How does an entry get tagged for a topic in the T&V? I would love to be able to tap into this functionality. For instance, I have entered a book that is a series of messages from a pastor, one chapter which is "How to Raise Children." I would love to have that entry show up if I search on...
  13. Jerry

    Image viewer questions

    Brandon - #1) If I change the resolution of a picture I am viewing via the mouse wheel, is there a quick way to get it back to the picture's original size? Obviously I can use the mouse wheel to try, but that is complicated by the fact that there is no indication of what the original size...
  14. Jerry

    Implemented! Counting instances of multiple words in Bible text

    I wanted to find how many times this set of words found in KJV: Fast, Fasting, Fasted. The "Search Bible" option allowed me to search on all of the words, but only reported the number of verses (not the word count). The "Full Reference Search" showed me the exact count but only allowed me...
  15. Jerry

    New - Galatians by Luther, 2 Books by Chesterton

    New modules available at On the "Commentaries" page find Martin Luther's commentary on St. Paul's epistle to the Galatians. On the "Theology" page find two books by G.K. Chesterton - Orthodoxy and Heretics. If you don't know who Chesterton is, you are...
  16. Jerry

    Implemented! Spell checking

    Another wish - a spell checker for the editor, along with the ability to turn it off or on. Again, not sure if it's feasible, but as long as we're throwing out wishes... --Jerry
  17. Jerry

    Ability to order book entries other than alphabetical

    Adding to my wish list... I would love the ability to have the chapter entries for a book ordered by something other than the name. As an example, right now you have to go through contortions to make sure "Preface" shows up before "Introduction" in the dropdown list, such as adding a leading...
  18. Jerry

    SwordSearcher on - write a review!

    Hey guys, You can purchase SwordSearcher on Many people rely on the user reviews to determine whether or not to purchase a product. If SwordSearcher has been a help to you, you can return the favor by going to and writing a postive review. To do so, go to...
  19. Jerry

    "Old Testament History" commentary now available

    Whew. After many months of work, the complete 7-volume Old Testament Bible History commentary by Alfred Edersheim is now available as a SwordSearcher book. It is available here: The reason it is a book and not an actual SwordSearcher...
  20. Jerry

    New modules available at SwordSearcher Modules

    A few new small things available at to hold you over while I continue working on some bigger projects. 1. Three works by AW Tozer ? Knowledge of the Holy ? The Pursuit of God ? I call it Heresy! (12 lessons from 1st Peter)...