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  1. Hmlss

    Glitch in verse recognition for verse list

    I have a user book that I have populated with verses. Some of the verses I hand typed, Some I copied and pasted from another recent verse list in SwordSearcher 8. I saved the edits I am working on. From the saved topic in the book, (lower left in the pictures) I click the icon = "Load all...
  2. Hmlss

    Inspiration according to the Bible

    I've been compiling a list of verse references that describe or explain or refer to what Inspiration means... The list is long even after removing doubles and putting them in canonical order. Some are super clear while others take a bit of work catch. Probably the easiest way to review them all...
  3. Hmlss

    Auto expand Verse Guide

    I like to set up swordsearcher with a split window Bible on the left everything else on the right. Then running in paragraph mode for the Bible so it turns everything off; widgets and everything, Bible margins, and so on... I like to reference the verse guide on certain versus, and it would be...
  4. Hmlss

    Remote access

    It would be awesome to be able to remote access swordsearcher from my cell phone (Microsoft Remote Access). I don't currently own a computer so it would be awesome if I could remote into my account on perhaps a swordsearcher maintained computer. it's so frustrating trying to use some of the...
  5. Hmlss

    Tsk read

    I don't have a computer right now and and no swordsearcher. So I am using a different Bible on my phone. Can someone tell me what the tsk says at Ezekiel 21:27. I'm wondering if it has the Torrey note? that says something about the Hebrew word is pervert. ? Some online versions do not have that...