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  1. Ruthlyn

    Parents' Prayer for a Child

    I came across this and it really moved my heart. I don't recall exactly where I got it from... but I'm sharing it with you A Prayer of Parents What shall we ask for our little child? Shall we ask for fame in this world defiled? For the dear-bought wisdom of earthly springs, Or a skillful hand...
  2. Ruthlyn

    Paul's Missionary Journeys

    Hi all, I came across this neat site via a twitter post. Viz.Bible | Map of Paul's Missionary Journeys (Interactive)
  3. Ruthlyn

    Ussher's Timeline: a Visual Guide

    I came across this and found it so wonderful I had to share :)
  4. Ruthlyn

    Default file for SS user modules

    A while back we were able to choose which file we wanted to be or default file for user modules. The general consensus for those using SS across devices was Microsoft's then named SkyDrive. It is only today I figured out why I was having such trouble seeing modules added to the cloud folder...
  5. Ruthlyn

    Double Rainbow

    Had to share this, it was taken on my way out from work from the staff car park. It was a rainy day but God's promise broke through gloriously in the end! :D
  6. Ruthlyn

    Question from amazon

    I was asked to answer this question "Are the precepts to verses outlined in this software?" but I don't understand what the person is asking.
  7. Ruthlyn

    Pray for my pastor

    Hi all, My pastor returned from a trip to the US not feeling well at all and his wife called me this morning to let me know that the doctor has sent him to the hospital. Please pray with me that the Lord will grant him a proper diagnosis and healing. Remember also his wife and family. His name...
  8. Ruthlyn

    Pray for me please

    I have been really struggling to complete a degree program and the end is fast approaching and there is yet sooooooo much yet to do and the motivation has long ago waned away :(. The truth is I am no longer wanting to do this (which is really not a viable option unless the Lord grants a GREAT...
  9. Ruthlyn

    Review of SS in ms store in windows 8

    Hey folks, do you know that you can write a review for SS in the windows 8 store? The version they have for review is 6.2 but it is still a great version. I tried to say so much and ran out of space :eek:. So I didn't get to mention the great support via this wonderful forum. They only allow 500...
  10. Ruthlyn

    WOW a whole new look!!!

    Really cool Brandon :) LOL
  11. Ruthlyn

    If you ever lost a child

    I came across this poem in a nursing journal back in the 80s and it touched me deeply. I have shared it with friends who have lost children at various stages of life. I came across it again recently and would like to share it here. A Child Of Mine by Edgar Albert Guest I will lend you...
  12. Ruthlyn

    God's relationship with man

    As I listen to sermons and study the Word, God laid this on my heart. Hope it blesses you as it did me :) GOD’S RELATIONSHIP WITH MAN In the beginning God created the heavens, the earth and all that therein is and then He made a special Garden called Eden and there God WALKED with man in...
  13. Ruthlyn

    Prayer requested for Pat Murphy

    Dear fellow prayer warriors, I am requesting prayer for Pat Murphy, who recently joined the staff of the Harbour Light of the Windwards ( radio station. He has suffered a mild heart attack and is presently at the hospital in Grenada. He is a much needed...
  14. Ruthlyn

    A missionary friend diagnosed cancer

    Dear Forum Family, Please pray for a dear missionary, Jane Bahula, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer. The have been here with us in Trinidad for a number of years organizing the Baptist Seminary of the West Indies, and are currently on furlough home in Canada. We are...
  15. Ruthlyn

    No. of Churches planted by the apostle Paul

    I am doing a paper on Paul's missionary methods of starting New Testament churches and I wondered about the actual number of churches he planted. Does any one have the answer? Or could you point me to the relevant literature that may have this? Thanks! Ruthlyn
  16. Ruthlyn

    Urgent prayer needed!

    Please pray for a dear sister in the Lord, Nadia. She underwent an operative proceedure today which had to be abandoned as the doctors instead fought for her life in the operating theatre. They managed to stabilize her and she is being carefully observed thru the night. Her husband almost had to...
  17. Ruthlyn

    A Blessed New Year To All!!

    My wish for us all is that God be gracious to us in enabling us to fulfill His will for our lives in this coming year! May we be renewed day by day with His strength in the inner man. And we KNOW that this strength comes through His Word. SO..... make sure and utilize your Swordsearcher in...
  18. Ruthlyn

    Implemented! Can user-modules be anywhere other than My Documents?

    Hi all, Is it possible for the user-modules to be located somewhere other than My Documents? I have partitioned my hard drive and am now running SS on a partition other than C:\ because that partition was becoming too full. Well there are other factors (including memory), but I am trying...
  19. Ruthlyn


    Hi Brandon, I use the KJV but would like to be able to refer to the NASV sometimes. Presently you have the ASV in you Bible versions options. Do you plan to upgrade this? Thanks again for a really great program!
  20. Ruthlyn

    God bless you for this great program

    I just want to take the time to let folks know that this is indeed a God blessed program. It is simple and very user friendly. It is great for the serious Bible student and the simple one like myself :). Thanks Brother and may God continue to reward your efforts!