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  1. Brandon Staggs

    A Question About Module Sets Concerning Bible Studies

    SwordSearcher will search all of the folders you add to File, Preferences. Module File Locations for modules. So you can make as many as you want, anywhere you want. But it doesn't have any affect on how they appear inside of SwordSearcher. Ando obviously intra- and inter-module linking doesn't...
  2. Brandon Staggs

    Port SwordSearcher into MacOS and/or Linux

    There are no current plans for that, sorry. SwordSearcher's code base is thoroughly Windows-based as it has been developed since the mid-1990s to leverage that platform. Re-compiling it for Mac or Linux is impossible; a new project almost from the ground-up would be required to support a...
  3. Brandon Staggs

    How do I publish a brand new Danish Bible translation of KJV in SwordSearcher

    Bill's example zip contains what you are looking for, if you want to see a complete example. The Forge documentation has the first few lines of a sample input file for a Bible module, the rest should be self-explanatory from there.
  4. Brandon Staggs

    How do I publish a brand new Danish Bible translation of KJV in SwordSearcher

    Forge comes with a PDF file explaining how to use it to create a Bible module, please read that completely. You may need to do some pre-processing of your own to put the text into the correct format.
  5. Brandon Staggs

    SwordSearcher on Linux

    Keep in mind the last time someone confirmed it would work under WINE was years ago. If you don't already have SwordSearcher, be sure to use the evaluation version on the website to see if it will work adequately for you under WINE before you make a purchase. Using SwordSearcher with WINE is...
  6. Brandon Staggs

    Drop-Down Chapter Selection

    Glad you find that helpful!
  7. Brandon Staggs

    quick concordance

    Here's everything about it:
  8. Brandon Staggs

    Divine Inspiration of the Bible by Arthur W. Pink (c)1917

    This book is already available in a larger collection:
  9. Brandon Staggs

    quick concordance

    Yes, I'll make that change.
  10. Brandon Staggs

    News Letter/Bible in a Year.

    SwordSearcher's reading plan designer divides by reading time, not verse count or chapter count. So basically, it's already doing that, but without an arbitrary page numbering system.
  11. Brandon Staggs

    News Letter/Bible in a Year.

    You can import a plan from a list of daily verse ranges.
  12. Brandon Staggs

    News Letter/Bible in a Year.

    Right now the reading schedule system only supports daily plans.
  13. Brandon Staggs

    Video Copying Verses to the clipboard and how they are formatted

    I tested just now with the current version of SwordSearcher and Word, and do not experience much of a delay when pasting into Word. There is a slight delay, but definitely nothing like half a minute. What if you try pasting the same thing into another application that accepts text? Do you get a...
  14. Brandon Staggs

    Yellow highlight

    I'll take a look at that particular search highlight and see what can be done.
  15. Brandon Staggs

    Search Panel Verse Selection

    Thank you for the feature request. Although I can't promise when or if it will be implemented, this feature is on my to-do list.
  16. Brandon Staggs

    Make e-sword modules usable for SwordSearcher

    SwordSearcher commentaries are indexed by verse. So you have to decide where to put the "broader" content. I just put them on the first verse of the chapter, or the first verse of a range of verses. The commentary panel makes it very easy to move to the next or previous entry, so it should be...
  17. Brandon Staggs

    Make e-sword modules usable for SwordSearcher

    Just to be clear, that is not an issue for me at all. Tim will have to answer your question about what he meant. I understood you were just looking for information. I certainly take no offence at your questions. You are not the first one, and won't be the last one, to wonder if there is an easy...
  18. Brandon Staggs


    It's no trouble at all.
  19. Brandon Staggs


    As Bill suggests, you can just start typing the verse number you want to see in the chapter of the Bible panel. If you type a number by itself (no colon, letters, etc) it will be interpreted as a verse number for the Bible panel's chapter, and scroll right to it when you press enter. In most...
  20. Brandon Staggs

    A Christmas gift

    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.