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  1. S. Carpenter

    Paragraph Reading Mode missing in my SS 8.2

    I thought at first my problem was because I hadn't learned to use the software right. Well, I've been over the video on switching to paragraph reading mode over a few times. I do not have the "Text" options tab under Preferences. So I cannot change to one verse per line, but I'm willing to live...
  2. S. Carpenter

    Looking for a Bible Atlas module

    I searched the Modules forums, and all forums, for a Bible Atlas. Found one. It seems it is no longer available. I'm always in search of Bible maps for use while I'm reading. I can go online through DuckDuckGo or Google and find maps galore: of the current world in maps. But not of the world and...
  3. S. Carpenter

    Sword Searcher FROZEN [RESOLVED]

    Hi. I've been having a problem, suddenly, with SwordSearcher launching. This "sudden" difficulty happened after I installed Internet Explorer for Windows 7. I have uninstalled that program due to other issues on the computer. Those have stopped, but SwordSearcher consistently continued to launch...